2022 Chevy Silverado ZR2: 6.2L V8, Front and Rear Lockers, and DSSV Dampers in a Full-Size Truck

With all this in mind, the Silverado ZR2 also features better off-roading angles with a triple-slash of 31.8 degrees for approach, 23.4 degrees for breakover, and 23.3 degrees for departure. Ground clearance is rated at 11.2 inches, which is lower than the normal Ford Raptor’s listed figure of 12 inches flat. Remember that the Raptor rides on 35-inch tires and even has 37-inch BF Goodrich rubber as an option; in turn, the discrepancy here can be attributed to the Silverado ZR2’s smaller Goodyears.

With Terrain Mode engaged, the Chevy can complete off-road obstacle courses by way of one-pedal driving. This slows the truck when off the throttle, allowing the driver to worry more about the line they take than brake applications. The steel front bumper helps when the going gets hairy, as do the underbody skid plates that protect vital components like the transfer case.

Handily, these features don’t keep the Silverado ZR2 from being able to work like a normal truck. Max payload capacity comes in at 1,440 pounds, and it can tow 8,900 pounds—both higher than Ram or Ford. I doubt many people will be hauling equipment with one of these, but it could pull one heck of a boat.

Chevy says 2022 Silverado ZR2s should start popping up on dealer lots in spring of next year, though pricing is yet to be announced. Don’t be surprised if it comes in around $60,000 or more, putting it close to the non-R Ford Raptor. Y’know, the one you can actually buy right now.

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