Auto-Themed Air Fresheners That Look and Smell Like Winners


It’s a fact: Cars get stinky. The mixture of smelly feet, under-seat taco filling, and the daily internal roasting your car gets when it sits out in the sun is a recipe for unpleasantness. Luckily, air fresheners are plentiful and proven to work. The Gear Team, however, enjoys everyday products with a bit of flair.

You can buy your basic Little Trees that work fine, but we found air fresheners with an automotive theme—which is always a plus. Here are some of our favorites from Amazon. Get ready for a dose of nice smells and awesome designs.

Powerful Car Air Fresheners

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Surf’s Up

Designed in the image of the Land Rover Defender—or the Ford Bronco if you squint hard enough—this air freshener would look great dangling from the rearview mirror of any off-road truck. Three fresheners come in this package, with Ocean Breeze, Black Diamond, and Jasmine scents.


We love a little turbo appreciation, and this air freshener does the trick. The graphic covers both sides, so it looks good even during the most gnarly drift combos, and the smell is advertised as a new-car scent.

Diamond Logo

This blingy air freshener is available with many of our favorite brands. Just check the Amazon page for your desired logo. You’ll need to add your own perfume oil, as this comes out of the box without any smell. Once your oil is in the pendant, it diffuses the smell through gaps on the top of the freshener. 

Check Engine Light

It’s much better to have a “check engine light” air freshener than the real thing, and this one doesn’t smell like hefty mechanic bills. The pack includes six fresheners with that new-car smell. 

Volkswagen Buses

There aren’t many more iconic vehicles than the Volkswagen Bus, so why not add these to your mirror? This pack comes with two fresheners infused with a tropical smell. 

Elon’s Musk

Careful, this air freshener might inspire you to build a rocket. The scent is described as “high notes of vegan leather and low notes of rocket fuel.” Bonus points if you drive a Tesla.

JDM Style

The shoshinsha mark started as a designation for new drivers in Japan, and it has since grown into a symbol for the JDM community. The iconic shape is perfect for any tuner and will keep your car smelling fresh with its new-car scent. 

Ford Style

Ford fans rejoice: We found an air freshener for you. This pack comes with two fresheners in that classic Ford blue. It smells like Chevy tears with a hint of vanilla. 


Don’t let haters get to you. Your ride is bagged and cooler than theirs anyway. This air freshener with new-car scent features a “Drive Low, Park Lower” graphic on both sides, so your squatted ride looks good from all angles. 

Vintage Race Cars

Straying from the traditional hanging air fresheners, this vent-clip distributes an orchid scent throughout your car whenever the air is on. With a cool vintage racing design, we had to add it to the list. 

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