BMW i Vision Circular: Endearingly Strange, Undoubtedly Sustainable

It’s little, it’s prettydainty almost. The blushy velvet interior looks like a Twitch streamer’s setup but not in the lurid LED way cockpits seem to be heading in. The nude, anodized aluminum of the exterior bodywork feels touchable, the dull glow inviting. The combination grille and headlights look like something out Blade Runner concept art but in a good way. 

Inside the car, the strange, shimmering purple touch-control dash is so beautiful it’s hard to resist putting your hand on it. Like going to a natural history museum as a kid and wanting to touch all the rocks in the gift shop, it’s irresistibly alluring. The steering wheel, too, feels like you want to touch it—and it’s not a self-driving robo-prototype. It’s intended to be driven and for you to enjoy that. 

Honestly, I don’t give a damn what the range or battery size or power output or regen capabilities on it are because it’s a prototype. I’m never gonna get to even sit in one let alone drive it but this is the first concept in a long time that I’m actually anguished about that fact over. I want this car; the idea of sitting in its gently formed interior makes me ache with need in a way I actually didn’t know I could over anything that wasn’t some sort of 1980s heap of crap I’ve developed nostalgic insanity over.

The detail of it is lovely, too. Made with recycled parts everywhere possible, the i Vision Circular is intended to be disassembled. That might sound irrelevant or even like a bad thing but for sustainability purposes, we need vehicles to be easily repairable. Every part is fixed with, where possible, a single fastener to be able to replace just the smallest section whenever it’s required, minimizing the need for new parts. 

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