Does Weight Reduction Matter in Standard Consumer Sports Cars? | MotorBiscuit

Consumer-focused sports cars are far from what we experience on the track. No matter what circuit or style of racing, race cars are designed to be performance-focused, only taking into account what matters for driver safety rather than comfort. But automotive enthusiasts and race fanatics might be interested in making some weight reduction on their own vehicles, but there is more than one reason you should think twice before trying to convert your sports car into a street-legal race car.

You may be wondering what the benefit is to weight reduction in a more standard sports car. While weight is a crucial element of high-performance vehicles like bonafide race cars, it isn’t as important for street-focused sports cars. When it’s down to the wire, a vehicle’s power-to-weight ratio is an important aspect that performance engineers keep in mind, which is why race cars tend to reduce the number of luxuries to a minimum in order to create a better power-to-weight ratio.

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