Ensure your car’s engine well-being with these five steps

An engine of a car is akin to a heart of a human. So taking care of your car’s engine is important to make sure your car runs smoothly and efficiently. If it’s not properly maintained then It can lead to several problems, and it can guzzle more gas than usual and generate less power, meaning that it’ll become less efficient over the time. Most of the people are a bit laid-back when it comes to taking care of car’s engine. They’re fine as long as the car starts and runs on the road and least bothered about the fuel economy or mileage. But when the engine starts malfunctioning the car will end up in a mechanic where the fixing the problems to could sometimes cost more than the car itself. So to avoid that from happening, make sure you maintain it properly. Here are some important tips to take care of car’s engine and to help you wring out the maximum of power of your engine.

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Change engine oil

Changing engine oil on time is one of the most crucial, but again the easiest thing to do to keep your Engine up and running. It helps to keep all the vitals parts of the engine lubricated and also doesn’t let the engine overheat. The engine oil needs to changed after a certain period of time, so make sure you check your oil level and condition once in a while.

Maintaining cooling system

Cooling system is what prevents your car’s engine to overheat. If your car’s coolant is not good enough or if the coolant’s level drops than normal level than it could cause some serious damage to the engine, and overheating of the engine can sometimes result in fire. So maintaining cooling system is very important as well

Change or clean air filter

Air filter, filters out the particles from the air and makes sure those don’t get inside the engine and damage it. Moreover, it helps the fresh air to flow inside the engine and fresh air is what makes the engine perform efficiently. So it’s recommended to clean the air filter from time to time or replace it if’ts in bad shape.

Change fuel filter

Fuel filter needs to be changed over the period of time. It also prevents heavy particle or debris from entering into the car’s engine and sustaining major damage.

Don’t ignore the check engine light

Whenever the engine sign lights up on your dashboard’s instrument panel, give immediate attention to it. It might be an indication or warning that something’s not right with the engine and if it’s neglected  continuously, the engine might sustain major damage, and you might need replacing it too, which could cost you a fortune. Therefore, never neglect the “check the engine” light.

Author: Minhajul simon

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