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Buying one of the world’s most expensive hypercars, the Ferrari LaFerrari, isn’t just expensive, it’s nearly impossible. Like many exotic supercars and hypercars, a team at Ferrari vets potential buyers before extending the opportunity to purchase. Along with gaining the privilege of spending over $1 million on the Ferrari LaFerrari, owners of new models are required to sign contracts stating they will not sell the vehicle within the first two years of ownership. Well, one Ferrari collector and dealer did anyways.

The Ferrari LaFerrari | Martyn Lucy, Getty Images

Owning a hypercar you can’t sell

While it may sound odd to people outside of the supercar and hypercar community to be contractually obligated to keep a car for two years, it isn’t unheard of. Like the Ferrari LaFerrari, when the new Ford GT was released for purchase, this was an agreement many buyers had to agree to. This is done for a number of reasons.

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