How Do You Wire Tuck an Engine Bay? | MotorBiscuit

Modifying your car isn’t limited to extracting more horsepower, changing its ride height, or outer appearance, it can even mean modifying the parts that you don’t normally see upon first glance. For example, if you want to make your pride and joy a show car, then you have probably thought about wire tucking your car’s engine bay. But what is wire tucking and how do you do it?

Why would anyone want to wire-tuck an engine bay?

The simple answer is: A wire-tucked engine bay looks cool and cleaner. If you have ever lifted the hood to your car and looked at the engine, then you have probably noticed all of the wires and peripheral components (brake booster, cruise control module, etc.) around it. And while every piece and wire in the engine bay has its purpose, some car enthusiasts look at a car’s engine bay as a blank canvas that they can customize.

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