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Since the release of the prototype, the Nissan 400Z has been anxiously anticipated. The newest addition to the brand’s lineup, and the next generation of Nissan sports cars, the 400Z will be a modern touch of the brand’s heritage. But, it seems like we are waiting on the edge of our seats, with no clue when the car might be available for purchase, but it looks like we are starting to see an end to the tunnel.

The Nissan Proto Z

Nissan officially unveiled the concept version of its next sports car, the Proto Z, and it stirred up an equal amount of debate as it did excitement. Many fans were rushing to find as much information about the car as they could and either making notes on whether they love or hate the new styling and design cues. For the most part, we’ve been eager to see the final production version of the Nissan 400Z, and it seems like we’ve been waiting forever.

Nissan 400Z | Nissan USA

Relaunching the classics

Over the past several years, car enthusiasts have seen many of the cars we grew up loving come back to the market in new and exciting ways. The NSX and Toyota Supra were just a few options that got fans excited again, and it’s enough to make us feel like kids again as we get to play with newer versions of the cars as they’ve grown up with us. The Nissan 400Z is the brand’s sports car that follows the recent footsteps of the 370Z and 350Z, just a few popular options that grew in popularity partially due to the Fast and Furious franchise.

An image of a Nissan 400Z parked outside.
Nissan 400Z | Nissan USA

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When will the Nissan 400Z be released?

Nissan has done well to build up our anticipation for the official production release of the Nissan 400Z. According to CarBuzz, we can expect to see the new roadster hitting the dealership lots in 2022, which hopefully means we will start seeing next year’s model on the roads with some early deliveries at the end of this year — only if we are lucky, though. With production at many facilities back in mostly-full swing since the COVID-19 shutdowns, we haven’t heard anything indicating a delay in the 2022 release date.

An image of a Nissan 400Z parked outside.
Nissan 400Z | Nissan USA

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As we eagerly await the arrival of the Nissan 400Z, enthusiasts haven’t lost interest in modifying older generations like the 350Z and 370Z, meaning we can see plenty of the car’s heritage still on the road today.

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