Interoperability crucial for EV charging, says Greenlots CEO | Automotive World

Electric vehicle (EV) sales are booming, but there are still some creases to iron out around the user experience. Plugging in at home or work is a breeze and the experience is the same day in, day out. Stopping to charge up when out on the road can be a different story: with many different charging providers, each with their own payment methods, charging speeds and hardware, finding a station that works and is easy to use is not always straightforward.

US-based Greenlots was bought out by Shell back in 2019, and in November was folded into the wider Shell group under the banner of Shell Recharge Solutions, a division that will lead the company’s EV charging transition. With strong funding and an improved ability to scale, Greenlots is looking to tackle several challenges associated with the charging experience. Rather than simply building more stations, it says that more effort should go toward improving the reliability and intuitiveness of existing charge points.

Automotive World caught up with Andreas Lips, Chief Executive of Greenlots, to discuss the significance of the rebrand and how the EV charging space is set to evolve in coming years.

What does Greenlots gain from being part of the Shell group?

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