Mazda’s Elite Access Loaner Program for the MX-30 Could Get You a Free Miata

The loans do not have to be consecutive, nor are there any mileage limits. So you could theoretically borrow one car for 10 days or do 10 one-day loans and drive the cars 500 miles each. This is all provided that the dealer is participating, of course. The cars come out of the dealer’s service loaner fleet, so they’re dealer-owned.

“These vehicles are part of their required service loaner fleet and are registered vehicles that cannot be sold until that service term is complete for the vehicle,” the Mazda rep said. This means that the current inventory shortage should not affect the availability of these cars, as dealers cannot rush to sell them off their lots. 

There’s a reason this program is in place. The MX-30 EV gets just 100 miles of range from a full charge, so it’ll likely be a tough sell to buyers who are used to hearing about EVs with at least 200 miles of range in 2021. So if you don’t think the MX-30’s 100 miles of EV range will get the job done, consider a CX-5—or a Miata, if you can pack light—for your road trip. It’s really not a bad setup.

During the MX-30’s media preview, another company rep elaborated that the Elite Access program is “environmentally responsible” because it reduces a would-be MX-30 owner’s reliance on a gasoline-driven vehicle to a maximum of 10 days a year. 

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