Navy Destroyer Pulled Into San Diego Flying An Absolutely Gargantuan American Flag

The trend of American warships flying ever-larger flags—sometimes Old Glory and sometimes flags unique to each ship’s lore and culture—continues to expand. Seeing one of these fighting ships with a huge American flag unfurled while underway is a stirring sight for countrymen and allies, and an intimidating one for enemies. Multiple ships sailing together in formation all flying the American flag, which is also the U.S. Navy’s National Ensign, can be even more impactful. Yet there is one ship in the fleet that has taken this practice to another level, the Arleigh Burke class destroyer USS Michael Murphy (DDG-112). Case in point, its grand entrance into Sand Diego Bay on February 24th, 2021. 

Just before 1:00 PM local time, the DDG-112 proudly paraded its way to the naval base on the southeast end of the bay with an absolutely gargantuan—as in it could not possibly be any bigger—American Flag billowing in the wind off its port side. Twitter user @CJR1321 was able to capture it and shared it with our friends over at @warshipcam, who published it on their Twitter page. During the destroyer’s high-profile transit, it passed very close by an oncoming Independence class Littoral Combat Ship, with its massive flag blotting out a huge part of the passing vessel. In still images and in video it is an awesome and bold display to behold. It must have gotten a lot of smiles for those who saw it in person. 

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