Our Picks for Jeep Antennas

Jeep antennas provide functionality and style to your vehicle whether you’re driving off-road or on city streets. The antenna is a feature commonly associated with Jeeps and their particular look, so many people who own these vehicles like to customize or change the standard antenna and other features for ones that match their style and have better functionality. With many options for antennas that fit your needs, we compiled some of our favorites to show you the range of looks and uses you can get from Jeep antennas on the market.

    What Are Jeep Antennas?

    Jeep antennas are fixtures that attach to your Jeep to receive radio waves and play your favorite stations as you drive around. They often have metal bars and wire inside and rubber or fiberglass coating on the outside to keep them safe. There are many benefits to replacing your standard Jeep antenna with a new one. Those benefits include:

    • Varied shapes and looks: There are a lot of style choices for Jeep antennas, so you can find any shape or look that works for you.
    • Different radio reception: Each antenna may have different radio reception, which means you can get different stations and clarity depending on the length and material.
    • Bluetooth compatibility: Some modern antennas have Bluetooth compatibility, so you don’t have to rely on the radio to listen to music, podcasts and news.
    • Flexibility and durability: If you like to drive off-road, having a flexible and durable antenna can help keep it from breaking because of high wind or trees.

      FireStik FL3-B Three Foot FireFly Antenna With Tuneable Tip (Black)



      Types of Jeep Antennas

      While most Jeep antennas do the same thing, each option has little differences that make it special. The types of antennas from which you can choose include long or short ones, antennas with different shapes, and antennas with varying levels of radio reception.

      Length of Antenna

      Short antennas are usually less distracting than longer ones. They’re sometimes more durable, too, because they don’t reach up high enough to get caught on branches or other debris you might run into on off-road drives. Shorter antennas are less likely to snap from high winds or scratch the hood of your Jeep.

      However, short antennas don’t have great reception like the longer options often do. You might also prefer the look of a longer antenna more than a stubby one. Manufacturers often make long antennas out of more flexible materials to help avoid breaking. If they’re coated in soft rubber, it’s also less likely that they can scratch your car.

      CravenSpeed Stubby Antenna Compatible with Jeep Wrangler (JK/JL) and Jeep Gladiator (JT) 2007-2022 | 3.2 inches



      Rydonair Antenna Compatible with Toyota Tundra 2014-2021 | 13 inches Flexible Rubber Antenna Replacement | Designed for Optimized FM/AM Reception



      Shape of Antenna

      Antennas that have unique shapes often perform the same as other antennas but add extra style to your Jeep. They come in a variety of shapes to help you show your personal style while still getting all the benefits of radio stations and durability. Most antennas come in black, but you can find options in other colors that better match your vision for your Jeep.

      Some uniquely shaped antennas may have less reception because they’re created with a focus on looks rather than function, but they’re usually just as good as or better than the standard Jeep antenna. If you’re set on a certain antenna shape but worry about the reception, you can also get a signal booster or an antenna that has Bluetooth capabilities.

      RONIN FACTORY Bullet Antenna for Chevy & GMC Trucks (New! – Fits All Chevy & GMC Truck Model Years) – Made with 6061 Solid Billet Construction and Military Grade Aluminum – Anti Theft Anti Chip Design

      Ronin Factory


      Radio Reception

      The length and shape of an antenna affect its radio reception, but the materials with which it’s made also determine whether you hear a lot of static on your Jeep radio. High-quality antennas have good wiring and connectivity to ensure they stay attached to your Jeep and don’t cut out when hitting bumps in the road. Depending on what material they are, some antennas also receive more stations, especially in rural or off-road areas where radio towers are farther away.

      If you live in an urban area with lots of radio towers, radio reception might not be as important to you as other features are. Bluetooth capabilities can also lessen the need for perfect radio reception. If you want to off-road or drive out of town frequently, though, an antenna with good reception is something to consider.

      How To Choose Jeep Antennas

      When choosing an antenna that fits your preferences, think about these important factors:

      • Length: Long antennas can hit the hood of your Jeep and may snap more easily, but shorter antennas typically get less reception, so think about the length you want before you make a purchase.
      • Where you drive: Driving off-road in places like the woods may mean you need a more durable and flexible antenna, plus it’s useful to get good radio reception in those places so you can listen to the radio and enjoy yourself.
      • Car wash safety: While most antennas are waterproof in regular rain and storms, some say they are durable even in the car wash, which may be important to you if you wash your Jeep often.
      • Style: The style of your antenna depends on what you like, and there are many shapes, sizes, and colors you can choose when shopping for your newest Jeep accessory.
      • Jeep model: Many antennas fit Jeeps made in the last decade, but some fit only on specific models and require you to check that it fits the model of your Jeep before buying a new antenna.
      • Price: Jeep antennas come in a variety of prices, with the most basic ones often costing less and more unique or impressive ones costing more.
      • Tools needed: Some antennas require tools or mounting gear to attach to your Jeep, which is important to consider if you want an easy installation without thinking about extra tools.

        How To Replace Jeep Antennas

        Disclaimer: The guidelines in this story are general and not meant to replace instructions for your specific vehicle. Please consult your owner’s manual or repair guide before attempting repairs.

        It’s typically a simple process to replace Jeep antennas on your vehicle because many of them just screw on and off. To replace it, first remove the original antenna by screwing it off with your hands, pliers, or a wrench. You can then screw on your new antenna the same way. However, some require mounting gear or screws, so be sure to check the installation instructions before starting.

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