Pathetic State of 2022 Camaro: “Two Totally New Colors” | MotorBiscuit

The new Camaro is in a pathetic state. Chevy has given up on it. There is nothing really new to say about it, so they’re making a huge deal about some new colors. And numerous auto sites are actually running with this “news.” But the only real news about the 2022 Camaro is that it exists at all.

The Camaro brand is priceless except when there is poor stewardship

2022 Chevy Camaro | GM

For such a legendary brand, Chevy sure is giving it little to honor that legacy. Rather than adding some compelling options, it is taking many away in an effort “based on customer demand.” Especially disappointing is the elimination of the 1LE packages, and both the turbo-four cylinder and V6 optional engines. 

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