The Honda Civic Is All the Car You Need for $15,000 | MotorBiscuit

The Honda Civic is arguably the most popular cheap car of all time. For good reason, too. Even in this market, it’s easy to get a good deal on one. Supply is plentiful, and despite the Honda Civic’s hot boy tuner reputation, owners generally take care of their cars. This combination of factors makes America’s favorite sedan the perfect candidate for sneaking in under the high used car market values right now.

Even in this market, $15,000 goes a long way

A 2014 Honda Civic | Frederic J. Brown via Getty Images

According to a recent study by iSeeCars, the Civic is the best sedan (or coupe) to take your dollar as far as it can go. The publication sampled millions of models across a wide range of five to seven-year-old vehicles and the Japanese sedan came out on top, closely followed by another Honda: the Fit. Their quality testing also ranked the Civic highly in safety and reliability.

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