The Toyota Rodent Lawsuit Just Took a Unique Turn | MotorBiscuit

By now, customers are well-aware of how safe and reliable Toyota is. That being said, Toyota isn’t perfect, and like many other automakers, Toyota has issued recalls and has been the defendant in plenty of class-action lawsuits before. In fact, one of the more recent lawsuits involving Toyota, the so-called Rodent Lawsuit, has taken another turn in the winding halls of justice. 

What is the Toyota Rodent Lawsuit?

While it would be hilarious if this particular class-action lawsuit involved a family of rodents suing Toyota for whatever reason, the reality is less funny and far more serious. A while ago, Toyota, as well as other automakers, started using biodegradable materials for the wiring of their cars. Those new biodegradable wires used plant-based products, namely soy, and it wasn’t long before the lawsuits began.

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