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Safety is usually what comes to mind when car buyers think of Volvo. But while the Swedish automaker is certainly very good at that, it also has a more performance-inclined side. Even before it founded Polestar, Volvo had gone racing with models like the 850R wagon. Plus, like many other automakers, it’s also had a go at rallying. And one of its first success stories came in the form of the Volvo 122S Amazon.

The Volvo Amazon is something of a classic car safety icon

1962 Volvo ‘P220’ Amazon wagon | Volvo

It’s not too much of a stretch to say that the Amazon helped Volvo cement its international reputation, Hagerty and Automobile report. Although it wasn’t the first Volvo wagon, the ‘221’ Amazon was the brand’s first four-door wagon, Car and Driver reports. And it was also significantly more refined, advanced, and better-equipped than its predecessor.

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