18 Alexa-enabled smart home and car gifts that are perfect for people who love tech

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  • Brands like Bose and Ecobee help expand Alexa voice control to headphones, thermostats, and more
  • These Alexa-enabled devices make great gifts thanks to their built-in voice assistance.
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The desire for speed and convenience seems to be hardwired into human behavior. The less energy we expend to accomplish our tasks, the better — that’s why voice assistants are thriving right now, and Amazon’s Alexa is one of the most popular choices for managing smart home devices.

Alexa is primarily known for living inside Amazon devices, like the Echo Dot, the Echo Buds, and Fire TV Stick. While Amazon released updated versions of those products in 2020, you don’t actually have to own an Echo speaker to use Alexa. Many everyday devices like headphones and car dash cams from non-Amazon brands have Alexa built-in, giving you access to all the same voice commands you would with an Amazon device.

These gifts are all perfect for anyone who loves the convenience of Alexa and is always tinkering around to create their ideal smart home setup. 

Check out these 18 cool Alexa-enabled devices:

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