Google Partner Near Buy As Fintech, Neobanks Alter Landscape

Microsoft (MSFT), Adobe (ADBE) and Google parent Alphabet (GOOGL) are not the only top tech stocks on IBD Long-Term Leaders. Engineering and IT powerhouse Epam Systems (EPAM) also makes this elite list. And like MSFT stock, GOOGL stock and ADBE stock, Epam is trying to engineer a renewed climb.


To make the IBD Long-Term Leaders list, each member must have a solid track record of stable earnings growth. Unlike the Composite Rating, where a high number is desirable, the lower the Earnings Stability Factor, the more stable the earnings.

Epam and Adobe lead this list of growth stocks with a three-year EPS stability score of 2. That tops the scores for both cloud computing giants Microsoft (3) and Alphabet (11).

In terms of Composite Rating, Epam and Alphabet both sport the highest-possible 99 rating, meaning they’re outperforming 99% of all stocks in terms of key stock-picking traits. With a 98 Composite Rating, Microsoft also earns high marks in Stock Checkup, while Adobe merits a 92 rating.

Epam Partners With Google To Accelerate Database Migrations

Last month, Epam held a webinar on how it is partnering with Google to help organizations accelerate their database migrations to the Google Cloud Platform (GCP) using migVisor for GCP, an automated database migration assessment tool.

Epam provided details on how to move legacy Oracle (ORCL) and SQL Server Databases to Google-based Cloud SQL. With the pandemic driving the need for companies to adopt cloud modernization solutions, it also outlined how Epam handles customer care throughout the migration journey.

Fintech, Neobanks Alter Financial Landscape, Driving Demand For Epam

Headquartered in Pennsylvania, Epam operates in a wide range of countries and industries. It serves clients in more than 35 countries across North America, Europe, Asia and Australia.

As it leverages its software engineering expertise, Epam has become a global product development, digital platform engineering, and top digital and product design agency.

One industry of focus — among many — is financial technology, or fintech.

In its recently released Consumer Banking Report 2020, Epam offers insights into the evolving changes in customer behavior since the pandemic. The report highlights how the financial landscape has changed with advances in fintech and the rise of neobanks — fintech companies that offer apps, software and other technologies to facilitate mobile and online banking.

Among other topics, the report takes an in-depth look at how younger consumers navigate their finances and what such trends might mean for the future of banking.

Top Funds Buy Into Epam Stock

Epam joins Alphabet on the latest list of new buys by the best mutual funds. In a further sign of demand, 169 funds with an A+ rating from IBD own shares in Epam.

With earnings due Nov. 4, Epam is working on a later-stage chart pattern with a 648.82 buy point. Its relative strength line has slipped off its highs as the stock has built its current base. Look for the RS line to perk up as Epam approaches the new entry and its earnings report.

GOOGL stock and MSFT stock are also in or near buy zones as they both get set to report on Oct. 26.

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