IBD Live Q&A And Two Key Stock Lists For Nov. 19, 2021

Question Answer(s) Good mornin IBD live Hi Mark! GM from Cape Cod. Is that Nights in White Satin. It’s called Immutable Laws by Stephen Morton. He also goes by Mortysalt. He’s a Nashville-based producer. You can find a couple of his other songs on Spotify with the band Through The Woods. Also Lake Roosevelt. Good morning! Sorry to ask again…what’s the name of the band? Chris’ buddy, Steven Morton, in Nashville now. Song: Immutable Laws! LCID AMZN ZIM live answered Name of this tune, please? Thanks. Immutable Laws. Chris’ friend Steve Morton shared this tune w/ the Live team. Good morning from Chicago, where Michigan Avenue lights up this weekend – A terrific site. Let’s have a wonderful Friday as we prepare for Thanksgiving. Who and what are you thankful for . . . ? What a terrific greeting! Happy Friday Sir Peter! We must always be thinking exactly that. Good morning everyone. What’s the song this today? Hi Larry! Immutable Laws by Steve Morton Great show Thanks Phil; Happy Friday ZIM got shaken out last week and bought back in small yesterday. What do you think? live answered Can you share Anne-Marie’s website You can find Anne-Marie at Twitter too, @AnneMarieTrades, gm …cant hear chris Had the headset on but not plugged in. good morning everyone. I have not seen Harold for sometime. Is he still on the team? I always enjoyed his analysis. Harold sure is! Taking a personal leave and we expect him to return to the show on December. He is also still a senior coach at MarketSmith. Thanks much for asking. HatMan Dave Chris Audio is terrible – sounds like you are in a tunnel Hope it sounds better? GM IBD Live, great to have Anne-Marie back, let’s finish the week strong! Yes yes yes! Hey Tom! GM IBD Live Team, Great to have you back Anne-Marie! Hi Brian! What a treat for sure. Hi Chris – Justin mentioned yesterday that “if Chris and I only paid attention to the 50 line” more often we’d be further ahead – or something like that. Could you please expand on what you and he meant? Thx We did a backtest on 3 years of Leaderboard trades on different sell strategies and by far the best sell signal was a decisive weekly close below the 10-week moving average. Take a look at INMD and see how well it would have worked this year.
Apply to leading growth stock in which you have strong conviction. Anne-Marie great to have you back again. Do you use any sort of hedging with options, or micro mini futures? live answered What’s chris’ tickers HUT So nice to have Ann Marie today. I enjoyed here previous session on intraday trades. Could she please analyse QQQ intraday? thanks! Thanks for joining us Anita! I’ll see if she can talk the QQQs AFRM is showing weakness. I closed out my position Let’s see how it finishes for the week. Testing that 10-week MA; Phil, pls also notice, for now, AFRM’s weekly action is still an inside week vs the prior huge up week — Can we look at NOW today? live answered Good morning IBD Live and a very happy friday to everyone! Happy Friday Shane! David needs a Pats hat! Ha ha ha ha! If New England can play like that every weekend, sure, why not? Cheers would it be possible to discuss the history around the bear market in 2000 – my question would be, What did Bill O’Neil see to get him out of the market months before it happened? Maybe this could be a webinar This is a great idea, Marilyn. It may take some work, but we should “dredge” up past Big Picture articles to highlight the key distribution days and stalling sessions. But I believe we have a review of that top and other key market tops, in
Bill’s books: How to Make Money in Stocks, 4th ed, and The Successful Investor. ONON up 7.5% Early lockup expiration happened today. Maybe some relief. Ed: It’s pronounced… Chamath Polly-Happa-Tea-Ah Thanks! Whats happening w AMZN – we touched on it yesterday and Justin was saying something about buying S+P as it moves at the same rate but AMZN Jumped $150 yesterday His point was that AMZN’s RS line has been trending lower for 16 months, meaning that you would be better off buying SPY during that time. What’s with ABNB? gap down at open Austria lockdown probably weighing on travel stocks. ZIM is up on huge volume this AM – could we discuss? Will definitely go there. Clearing that 55.60 early entry. Chris- please analyze COST. Believe In a previous live session you mentioned how extended it gets from its moving averages. Would like your input. thank you Our colleague Prabin Bishoyi created an AI tool that lets us analyze any ticker or index and see where it is likely to pull back once it gets extended from the 50-day. For COST 9% to 10% above the 50 day is where it pulls back, which it did
after 11/4. It got support at the 10-day and has been making new highs. Right now it is 11.9% above the 50. If I were holding it as a position trade rather than a swing I would be taking at least partial profits on a close below the 10-day. is she gonna add a microwave over that sink? She’s in a hotel in St. Pete. ABNB down 4.5% Definitely will get to ABNB and travel plays – Covid news shifts from tailwind to headwind very quickly. Anne Marie is so thoughtful – I will have to review this episode several times to understand haha 100% I just resigned with IBD live. Anne-Marie options info sounds very sophisticated to me, way to complicated for me to use. It’s over my head too. I’m going to watch this a few times! I am trading in a IRA account. Most of my holdings are under 100 shares. So, I don’t have enough cash to exercise the option. Can I still buy or sell options? You can’t risk having a margin call in an IRA. So you can’t sell the put unless you have the cash to exercise the option and you can’t sell the call unless you have the shares to provide in case the option is exercised. What was the MA smoothing that Anne-Marie uses? I think it was Open High Low Close / 4. Doesn’t Delta of 0.07 mean there’s a 7% chance the option will be in the money (will work) and 93% chance that it will be out of the money? Trying to process what Anne Marie just said. Exactly. That’s why if you’re long you want a high delta and short a low delta. INMD has pulled back and is testing it’s 21 day — would you consider adding to an existing position at this level? I would wait for some strength, even on the intraday. And don’t add too much. You want to keep your average cost well below the 10-week so you can sit through a normal pullback. Chris Gessel, should I be worried about ANET, I just bought a 1/4 position for what looks to be a 3 weeks tight. It’s down now about 2.0% and is on the 1st EMA….would you hold? It’s a potential 3 weeks tight. So if it closes within 1.5% from last week’s close on Friday it would be a 3WT next week. It becomes actionable when it pushes above the high in the pattern. For me, if it reverses and closes clearly below the
11/16 low I would cut my loss. It’s gotten support this morning, so you’re good for now. ABNB can you please explain further. I thought you had already exercised the option last week? I took the trade as well but sold the option couple of days ago and am very greatful for the trade idea. For Leaderboard, the option expires today so we’ll make our decision on whether we exercise or sell the option. If you sold the option a couple of days ago, you probably did pretty good. RIOT is up almost 5%. Remeber when it was on LB for a hot second? Bitcoin stocks swing with Bitcoin. Can’t do much about that. Did AMAT have earnings yesterday? Yes. Missed views, guided low – cited supply chain woes. ADBE looks to be breaking out live answered The way I played ONON…I sold it all near the TOP up over 30% and then just bought it back today Nicely done. I feel like this could be a big winner so I’m using puts to defend my low-cost shares and hopefully add to the position as the stock progresses. regarding the 8 week hold rule, if there is a high probability that the stock moves higher if achieves 20% profit or better in 3 weeks or less, could you be a new buyer at this zone and take advantage of this probability? especially if has
a little pullback at this point and then resumes upwards trend? I wouldn’t buy at 20%, because the stock likely to pull back. That’s the whole reason for the rule. But to your point, a pullback to the 20-day would be normal and likely a good place to get in on a stock that is showing unusual breakout strength. Remember to discuss CELH. Yes. Will do. Anne-Marie started as a neuroscience researcher!!! So her options strategy, though complicated, ain’t brain surgery! Your account details are on Ed Thanks. Chris – wow, you really know your way around those chart mechanics! There is so much flexibilty within TOS. If you have an idea and don’t know how to implement it, give the trading desk a call. They will show you how to do almost anything. Excellent tip in ToS Chris Nice Chris ..brillant with ToS.. Can I use it to find bounces off 50, 21 Yes. Go to the edit tab and input price is equal or less than a whatever moving average you want. Once you get that alert, put in the 5 min bar alert we just went over and you’ll know when the stock shows the first bit of strength. What is the Covid news Ed keeps referring to?????? Austria announced a lockdown today & vaccine mandate. Cases have surged in much of Europe, rising again in U.S. Would you please add a video clip of Chris’ TOS 5 min Custom Indicator procedure to the FAQ page? I’ve asked Ali to add it. She’s out today, so we’ll get it up next week. what was the news that took down CELH? Earnings weren’t great, as I recall. Chris , did you get into DTC Not yet. I have a downtrend alert from the first day high to the recent high near 22. IS UPST shortable then for short term ? live answered Didnt Anne-Marie mention she has a website last time she was on? I need to learn more of this! Why the difference in price action beween ZIM vs SBLK? both seem fundementaly strong and both had great earnings this week…. Hi Eric, perhaps Star Bulk, with 128 bulk carriers, may be more sensitive to spot prices on the dry bulk transport market? I think ZIM is more asset-light. And the Baltic Dry Index is now at 2,454, well off its high of 5,650. options industry council Do you find this a good educational source, too, T? Happy Friday! To sum up today’s episode. OMG! Awesome! what’s the name of the second book again? Trading Option Greeks by Dan Passarelli. Spell pazzarelli please I think it’s Dan Passarelli AWESOME SHOW TODAY!!!! THANKS Great! what were the names of the book authors? Greg Harmon (I think that’s the spelling) and Dan Passarelli. Can you spell out 2nd book name on trading options spell author Dan Passarelli and Greg Harmon Every share I own is collared (calendar collars)…the return on risk with collars is very very very high. Thanks for sharing that Sue! How to Trade Option Greeks l Top Tips with Dan Passarelli live answered Please post the name of the two books on FAQ Dan Passarelli wrote Trading Option Greeks How to Trade Option Greeks l Top Tips with Dan Passarelli There we go, thanks Definitely will watch this video with Dan Passarelli. Anne-Marie, you should do a option video series. live answered Great stuff, Anne-Marie. Thank you! live answered Can someone please write down the names of the books that she recommends? Greg Harmon – Trading Options: Using Technical Analysis To Design Winning Trades and Dan Passarelli – Trading Option Greeks Airbnb what is happening Covid fears are back, Europe … travel plays whacked! How to Trade Option Greeks l Top Tips with Dan Passarelli live answered Can you give an update review on ONON again please? live answered I almost had my head on a platter when someone out there decided to exercise their rights to all the Calls I had sold as part of a spread… and I had thought there was a maximum loss in a spread… Beware! Hmm, that’s really interesting. Thanks for sharing this Carolina! AMZN yesterday AM, lol As hesitant as I was during the show, it was hard to argue against that pattern. Certainly seemed like a change in recent character and when Amazon does that, look out! Would you consider ZIM extended at this point? Good point. It’s probably right around 5% above 55.60… How do you learn more about Anne Marie. She is awesome Active on Twitter: @AnneMarieTrades Yes, their role is to educate the consumer, and all free. best. great session today Nice Dave, only two more days to work! Have Minervini MTP all weekend, as well as last, with DR! Enjoy T! I met Anne Marie in Seattle about 5 years ago and she has a deep & profound understanding of trading psychology & neuroscience. i.e. how your mostly unconscious thoughts/emotional reaction patterns affect yr decisions, and if you are
unaware of those patterns, they become deterministic and prevent u from making optimal trading decisions. Thanks for sharing Neil! wahoo chris’s alert trick worked! Great to hear. Zim is containshipping live answered SBLK is dry bulk shipping, they are different. Thanks. I always forget.

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