IBD Live Q&A Recap, Key Stock Lists For Oct. 27, 2021

Question Answer(s) If the team was in a stock like AMD, would they take some profit yesterday when it went up 7% and then gave it all back? I thought we still had it on SwingTrader and suggested that very thing near the high. For Leaderboard we hold for longer-term gains, so it wasn’t discussed. Goooooood Mooorning IBD Live! Quick follow up to yesterdays question about implied volatility and gauging a stocks pre earnings move using the at the money call/put prices and divided by current stock price (Justin and Ali’s video – thank
you, Ali). How far out do you go for the expirations? Do you keep them as close to earnings as possible? I had ZIM at a 14% move either way going into tomorrows earnings which seemd really high. I used the 11/19 expiration. Thank you We typically use nearest expiration and add the at the money put and call and divide that by the stock price to get the expected move. Mark Minervini is the BEST! live answered Minervini -> GOAT live answered UPST please live answered You always have tickers to buy but never ones to sell. Does not balance out. ??? In a down-trending market we would talk about shorts. Sells usually come up during the show. Good morning team. Ali and Ed. Enjoyed your appearance on Barron’s live the other day. Well done. oh thank you so much, Steven!! How about JNJ? Just about up to 50D, and plenty of room to go up to last major high 179.92, but EPS and COMP ratings not so good? Take a look at JNJ on the monthly chart. The Relative Strength line has been sideways to down for 20 years. It would be better to buy SPY and remove the single-company risk. what was Mark’s ticker? MGTX Chris – Good morning! Didn’t know you were in Dark Ops Mode! Can I get your analysis on FCX this morning? Bought yesterday. Where’s line in the sand – purchase at 39.63. The 36.75 low from 10/21 would be my stop. I might sell some if it takes it out intraday and the rest on a close below that level. Anyone else having issues with LIVE freezing occasionally? I can watch videos & TV on PC and never freezes. Just wanted to see if I need to troubleshoot my system. Zoom takes up a ton of bandwidth. I try to disconnect other devices from my network when possible (phones, fire sticks, etc) and only run “essential” applications while Zoom is running — close out email, browser windows, etc. Good morning. Would be eager to get your take on the market. All summer, market breadth was the problem, with the advance/decline line dropping. That line is now rising. Many recent software leaders look tired, as Hat Man’s Big Picture article
yesterday noted. Look at the drop yesterday in ASAN, NET, UPST, SHOP, FTNT as examples. Also, GOOGL stalled, like the NASDAQ. Yet, with the very recent weakness in growth / tech, the reaction doesn’t seem to be an immediate rotation in
commodities or re-opening plays, as there was earlier this year every time growth suffered. For example, shipping, oil, materials & mining have been weak the last few days as well. Look at FCX, LPX, SBLK. Oil is in a holding pattern;
many oil stocks are now at 3 weeks’ tight, at best, just above recent breakouts—notably FANG and DVN. CPE stalled; DEN had a good day yesterday, but CPE is down in pre-market. My point is, the commodity / re-opening sectors—that were recently
the alternative to growth—aren’t moving, either. live answered Thanks Mark for coming on. live answered Good morning. If time can you look at ZIP live answered “Good morning What was Irusha’s ticket” ZIP Mark, what guides your decision to cut a “pop and drop” but hold onto a TSLA ? live answered Could Mark discuss the Minerveni Trend indicators on Marketsmith? Or where is it in his books? live answered AMD down 1% at open AMD now up 3% – shows why it’s good to wait a few minutes to see how a stock trades after the open (esp. after earnings). GXO trig, OLPX tetakes pivot Nice to see GXO hold firm so far, today. OLPX will continue to trade wildly as a new IPO, but so far it’s holding up pretty well. Now watching how it handles a test of the 10-day MA. Any news on TAN ENPH skyrockets on earnings, NOVA also up on earnings. ABNB crossing DT line I see what you’re talking about. You could start a position here with the bounce off the 21-day/10-week lines. But 176-ish area is clear area of resistance – and earnings are next week. Financials are all down today. Is it possible that tapering is priced in? 10-year yield has been falling. And, the 2-year yield has been drifting higher I believe. The 2-year/10-yr spread is narrowing – not good for banks’ lending profits. SI?? pulling back a bit with Bitcoin down today. S crossing TL Volume looks light today. Also volume has been below average since it bottomed after a lot of heavy red volume. What exactly does mark screen for while he is paying more attention to the technical setups? live answered mark keeps saying we are in a “vibracated market” . What does he mean by this? Bifurcated — split 🙂 can you define “spread”- is it bid-ask? Exactly. “Hi everyone, on liquidity, do you prioritize dollar volume over trades volume or vice versa? I mean is there a difference between a stock that trades 10k shares at $200 and another that trades 100k at $20? Thanks” Personally, I use both. If it has the $ volume but trades very few shares, you can sometimes get those larger spreads between the bid and the ask. ISRG is buyable here ? Yes, but you might wait for ISRG to get above Tue.’s intraday high. ODFL: is that trade line for ODFL VALID for today. I have been watching action all morning and all of sudden the line looks like it went down 25 points and right back up? That’s what I see on MarketSmith and a couple other places. No idea why that happened, but it’s bounced back now. GM! Is Mark pyramiding into his names or buying all at once? Especially on ZIP example would he pyramid in? live answered Does Mark put an actual stop in? live answered Have I missed the discussion on UPST? No. I’m sure we’ll discuss. Trying to get to some actionable names. TTGT reversing lower from yesterday’s breakout. Troubling sign for growth? could be, we’ll see. Several growth stocks hit Tuesday amid stalling session for Nasdaq. What was what Mark said about when the IPO come out in the market, appreciate if this can be revisited, thanks 😊 Best IPOs typically come out in bear markets Does Mark use a mental stop or a physical stop set whit his broker live answered Does Mark wait until the end of the day, or he sells as soon as his stop is hit? live answered CF down second day in a row. Any thoughts? Fertilizer stocks drifting lower in recent days. Don’t know what is driving that. CF/MOS/NTR/IPI all have earnings next week. For those of us less familiar with Mark’s style, what does “BTG” stand for? VCP – volatility contraction pattern GM! Ali’s “position sizing” lead-ins sometimes confuse me. So for my own clarity, if Swingtrader or Leaderboard inititate a 1/2 position in a perfect 10-holding portfolio my ‘buy’ would be 5% of my portfolio as long as the purchase price is
anywhere within the range of the buy zone, right? i.e. I don’t need to scale down the number of shares purchased if the price is at the top of the buy zone, right? Or am I too simple….? Position sizing refers to how much money you want to risk on the trade in relation to the stop. If you have a 100k portofolio and willing risk to 1% of it on a trade you would take $1000 and divide by the risk percentage. Say a trade has 5%
risk that would suggest a $20,000 position, which is very large right out of the gate. You could reduce your position to 10% or $10,000 and be risking only $500 on your trade. I just pulled Mark’s book off my shelf. I think I’ll make the time to read it soon. Kinda a priority! live answered I bought some LCID today based on your recommendation. Looks good for a large potential gain. Thx for the great work. Definitely speculative, though I have a position. Lucid confirmed it’ll start deliveries on Oct. 30, but it’s a long ramp to profitability. The big move in MGTX was due to a favorable Barron’s story 2-3 weeks ago. live answered AMZN’s purchase of KIVA in 2015 was laughed at by many. This robotics acquistion allowed AMZN to meet the enormous consumer demands during COVID and its ROI has been tremendous. Robots, used properly, make a lot of sense. How to understand/reconcile Mark’s trend list with ‘% from pivot’? Many of the stocks on the list are extended beyond the pivot? This is just a universe list/screen as a starting point. Not a ready-to-buy list Does Mark have a book that discusses what he is talking about? He’s written a lot of books, including Trade Like A Stock Market Wizard and Think & Trade Like A Champion Can mark explain the squat in Zip? live answered ZIP failed, for now live answered ZIP – already reversing here! Not looking good live answered ZIP reversed Oof. A lot of stocks have had some big swings today even with the major indexes trading in a realatively narrow range. Can this be true with TSLA and LCID. Could LCID be a disrupter for TSLA? I bot TSLA at $30, now I’m buying LCID. Could it happen? Lucid can claim to be the “best EV” with its 520-mile range and super-efficient engine. Tesla doesn’t sell that many Model S vehicles – esp. outside the U.S. – so the biggest impact on Tesla may be the halo effect from not having the “best
EV.” I know that Tesla can argue the S Plaid is slightly faster. TSLA is also getting into selling auto insurance using AI, which will also add to their being a game changer! Thoughts on that Mark? TSLA isn’t selling insurance, not really. It’ll provide telematics, presumably in connection with insurers. Rivian is/will do the same thing. Presumably many automakers will be able to do this too. Several insurers already offer this option.
So, while I think telematics insurance could be a big deal, I don’t see Tesla having any special advantage. Can we look at UPST intraday action? live answered Can mark explain the squat in Zip? live answered ZIP slipped! live answered checkout the action in Zip! Wow really shows what type of market we are in. live answered AFRM actionable? No it’s not. Watching to see if 21-day EMA around 141.60 turns out to be a support level again. ZIP- is worth revisiting. (and I know Ali will :-D) live answered Breadth looks lousy again. Naz propped up by MSFT (nose bleed extended) and GOOGL I agree. Lots of bad action under the surface today. And there are some volatile swings in the Nasdaq. TSLA is selling auto insurance to Tesla owners now in California and most recently in Texas. Because of regulations they have to apply in each state separately and have stated they plan on being in each stare by the end of next year, but only
to Tesla owners. Tesla isn’t selling insurance there. Not *really*. For the entire Leaderboard team: still have conviction in OLPX? Trying to give it some room, but another breakout that’s struggling for sure. What price do you go in mid-day with ZIP? live answered Master class Mark… loved his input/teaching today!! live answered Mark, Thanks so much. Love your sincerity and conviction. live answered Thanks to Mark for sharing his knowledge with us live answered Justin….. MSFT Nov19 $400 and $500 very active live answered Really! Tesla is an insurance broker in Calif. I assume that’s also true in Texas. That means it shops around for the best deal and gets a tiny cut. Maybe Tesla can get a bigger cut with telematics. Actually being an insurer would require MASSIVE
reserves in each and every state it operates in as an insurer. TSLA down on big volume yesterday. Top signal??? Well, today’s action signals otherwise. Tesla pulled back from big gains to a slim loss Tue – but so did other EV stocks and many growth names in general as the overall market had a stalling day. Didn’t seem Tesla-specific. After hearing Mark’s comments and making 18% in 3 days should I be taking profits in Tesla? live answered GREAT show today! Thank you IBD and Mark!! live answered Simply Epic! Mark, Thank you, Brother! live answered Those who are interested in ZIP should be mindful that earnings on it are due tomorrow! I’m showing Nov. 10 after the close Mark : Great show today. Thanks for your experiences and insights! Much appreciated. live answered Thanks Mark – loved the paradigm shift examples – a mind opener for sure! live answered Thank you soooo much Mark. Enjoyed and still enjoying all your books. Please keep uploading more videos on YouTube!!!! live answered Super interesting show Cheers IBD LIVE TEAM — Wonderful Show – Thank you and have a terrific Wednesday!!!! Hey Peter! It’s always wonderful when YOU join us. And, extra special when Mark M is on too. Is Mark giving a class soon? Should that not be mentioned in the program? live answered Amen Mark! live answered Read Mark’s Books!!!! Yes!

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