IBD Live QA Summary, Key Stock Lists For Thursday, March 25, 2021

Question Answer(s) Good morning-and thanks for all you do. Don’t know if was noticed – but the Q&A published for yesterday was the same as the one posted from the prior day. The Ready list might also not have been updated but I did not check every entry.
Appreciate if corrected Q&A could be posted. Hi Mary Lou, so sorry about this — I’ll reach out to the team that puts the Q&A on that page and have them fix. In the meantime, here’s the correct link: Good morning AC/DC and of course everyone else Hey there, Andreas! Good morning 🙂 You help me save money! Glad to hear it, Kam! We appreciate you being a part of the IBD Live community! Good morning! The past couple weeks may have been “Uptrend Resumed” but it sure felt like “Correction”. My cash position, however, has been doing quite well. RS = 99! 🙂 Great to hear, Blaine! 🙂 Today is WON’s birthday I think ! Cheers CHET Indeed! Happy Birthday Bill! With the NASDAQ in a bear market what are the signs to look for that show capitulation? We need to wait for a follow-through. There are secondary signals like the VIX, put call and bulls bears that will often signal as well. hi alissa, what happened to westlake? Yeah, a breakout that didn’t work out. Showing us that now the weakness isn’t just isolated to tech/growth Ed thought you might like this analogy – this market is like the “Wack a Mole” game. I must be the mole… Hi! I am heavily invested in growth stocks. Took loss, sold three weeks ago and then bought full two weeks ago. |Now I am at a big minus. Do you think nasdaq is only at the start of decline with this number of distribution days, so could
I sit though? Thank you. Hey Dmytro! Our style is to cut losses at a max of 7-8%, and not “hold and hope” through losses. We’ve been saying that it hasn’t been the time to be aggressively buying, to play small and have tight stops. More info on our strategies over
at What´s the best way to use smart alerts on marketsmith? send an email to [email protected] HAROLD — GFL — Please note that Waste Management acquired Advanced Waste Disposal. The Federal Trade Commission reviewed the acquisition and mandated Waste Management to sell a number of quality assets due to concerns over monopolistic potential.
Those assets were “bundled” and sold to GFL. I have been told by friends the integration process has gone well. I know for a fact that GFL will due quite well in certain Market Areas due to a lack of competition. Thus, I suspect continued
EPS and Revenue Growth and they will continue to make additional acquisitions – Spoke and Hub philosophy – ALA the old airline approach. Thanks for the insight! “! Happy Birthday William J. O’Neil! March 25, 1933” Yes, Happy Birthday to Bill!! “Is it possible to do like a zoomed in inset of the right side of the graphs when you talk about it. Hard to see details. Like a map for example how areas (downtown cities)are zoomed in?” At the very top of the Zoom window next to the green bar, you should see a black tab that says view options. You can adjust the zoom options there! Please adjust the charts… Can’t see bottom part Hey Fuz! Strange, I can see the bottom part! 🙁 We’ll have to figure out how to better standardize our screen share size for the different hosts Ed-you are doing a great job analyzing all the market trends and activities…I will keep selling until we see some signs of safety… Good to hear Could Ed please minimize his screen size so we can see all of the fundamentals on the weekly ? Thanks If we want to magnify our own screens we can do that Thanks Sorry. I have been with all of you through this past year after being out of the market for years but a longtime fan of William O’Neil. I took my retirement money after being pushed into an early retirement and made a large sum of money this past
year. In my opinion you guys have guided me perfectly. The losses I have taken were my fault. I’m 100 % in cash except for a small short and a growing SQQQ position. Thank you for exceptional guidance. Each and everyone of you has given
me an idea that has made me money. I thought it would be a good day to say, GOOD Job !! Pat, this is truly awesome to hear! Thank you for sharing, we really appreciate this feedback. Congrats!! Thank you Ed, Harold, Ken and Irusha for a professional program today – I very much appreciate your expertise Thank you for your kinds words! Should have seen the body language when Chris was discussing the DJ Acquisition- no one making eye contact…Awkward! If I was looking away, it was only because I was looking up other stuff! Congratulations! Nice confirmation of great product and great team Thank you, Philip! Ali… Your screens are always perfect… The charts got better right after I said that… Is the IBD name going to change? We will still operate as a separate company and brand. Is Irusha still be on the show? He will still be a panelist. Is leaderboard and swingtrader moving, too? Yes. Those are IBD premium products Isn’t Dow Jones owned by Murdoch and wall st journal? Yes. Hey Chris: I know you are in back ops and have a lot of other responsibilities. I just want you to know you are the guru and I would like to see you back on the show more. Seems you passed the baton. I have enjoyed your vision and advice a lot. I’m in the background this week because Justin is on vacation, so I need to focus on SwingTrader. Happy Birthday to William O’Neil… he greatly enriched my life. Great job Y’all! Cheers, Marty!! ok … you guys really arent excited about this. 🙁 Well, the market doesn’t have us in the right frame of mind. Dow Jones wants IBD because you guys are great. That’s exactly it. I guess congrats to you guys on the sale! Thanks for the pep talk Chris but personally I don’t see how things will improve! Our technology will improve and we will have more investment to improve and create new products. Chruis – will IBD remain a CANSLIM type insvesting company? will Paper still be published? Nothing will change with our methodology, data or even the paper. This is all about helping us grow and improve. How is this going to be combined with the Wall Street Journal? Website the same? Courses? Stock picking services? We will remain separate. Swing and Leaderboard, IBD 50 and eprint newspaper and all stay same after this acquisition ? Yes. Our daily ops remain the same. Does it mean Irusha and other guys from Marketsmith won’t be in IBD Live any more? MarketSmith is part of IBD and will remain so. Irusha is also an O’Neil portfolio manager, which is why he is staying. I hate to say it but you guys didnt sound too enthusiastic just now It is early in the morning on the west coast lol This has been an enormous education for me. I’m still relatively new and have already learned so much! Good to hear Tamara! who purchased IBD? How is it going to affect the Founders Club? News Corp., the parent of Dow Jones and Wall Street Journal. Founders Club and everything else IBD remains the same. With News Corp being the new owners of IBD, should we expect a change in the ‘editorial line’ of the news and research or will IBD maintain its political/editorial independence? Nothing will change in how we cover and analyze the market. Who else will be leaving? No one else. i have been a member of IBD/Marketsmith/IBD live/leaderboard what does the acquisition mean for me Everything should be the same. Will Scott St. Clair still be on IBDL every week? Hope so. Yes another Chris Gessel rally?? Hopefully longer! I will echo what others have said, I appreciate the professionalism of ALL the contributors on IBD Live, and I wish you all and IBD a successful transition with DJ and I’ll be watching with interest Thanks Alan “History has shown that it is difficult to convert acquisitions into positive outcomes. I was in the Oil&Gas industry for over 40 years and the company I worked for made lots of acquisitions that within few years had demonstrated that the value of those small companies had disappeared and the culture of the small company was
vanished. I hope IBD does not go through that type of deal.” Appreciate this take very much. For all the relatively new full time investors and speculators like myself we CAN do this! Think of all the learning and growing that’s taking place because of this turbulent action. ” You CAN do it, and your own determination to succeed is
the most important element.” – William J O’Niel Good quote. Happy Bill O’Neil Birthday! Congratulations on the sale! I hope Dow Jones continues to keep the retail investors in their heart. That’s why we’re teaming up. I hope Dow Jones is not going make big changes in a hurry, There is always fear when it comes to uncertainty, especially my mentors in IBD team 🙁 Appreciate the thoughtful comment, Kam. Hat Are we losing Hat Man as well with this Dow Acquisition? Dave remains a key member of the team. Must be a tough day for you guys to host an IBD Live show. A lot to process here. Absolutely. Thanks Jared Dave, Dechambeau wrecked my DKNGS picks yesterday. I’m in 400 place out of 70,000. If he won I would have been in contention. Oh no! You mean, Bryson is a human being? I feel a bit like the IBD guys who always say: “I bought some shares, and now of course…”. Became a card-carrying IBD fan not too long ago, so of course…. Change is hard. Counting on y’all to keep IBD amazing! What a nice comment. Thank you, Holly. Hat first place is 200k Ken and I tried our hand at the 2020 Masters in DKNG. It did not end well. I feel saddened by the fact that Irusha will not be on the show on a daily basis He is a big part of why I subscribe to IBD live. Thank you for sharing this. I am sad too. Hat Man If owned by Murdoch, don’t you lose independence. Might be recommending stocks that help them Point taken. News Corp. owns so many financial news franchises: Dow Jones Newswires. MarketWatch. Wall Street Journal. And now, Investor’s Business Daily/MarketSmith/Leaderboard/SwingTrader/IBD Live. This is historic in the U.S. business news
market. Yes I also want to congratulate William O’Neal on his birthday. He has influenced my trading over the years.Taught me a lot and made me a better trader. Great man!! Great man indeed! and i can tell u guys are worried about this acquisition! Thanks for that comment, Doug. IT’s a tough job to smile when your stomach is turning IBD Live members do our best, Phil Happy Birthday to Bill…..What a legacy!!! I’ve been with IBD for quite some time now and can’t tell you how much your entire team has helped me in this adventure!! I wish for each of you the very best in this new journey… Very exciting!! Nice comment, thanks Wendell. We are losing Irusha, no reason to smile! Correct Will MS is going to be part of IBD? Yes, we’re keeping all our existing products and this acquisition will allow us to have the resources to improve them! I just want to echo what Pat Slack said. Pat said it so well. Thank you for your daily guidance. I can see why DJ went after you! Well done to a great group of people. Thank you Aaron! We appreciate our IBD Live community so very much! Will we still get to see Irusha on IBD live? Love the entire team and cant imagine not getting his take on the market. Yes, he will still be a panelist I’m getting better with holding stocks that I have conviction in. Nice! Which of the CAN SLIM factors were the most predictive of the winners in the last bull market? Thank you for this, Fotini! I’ve made a note of it 🙂 Thank you for your transparency and efforts to keep us focused on the big picture rules for your trading style. You are adding value every day by pointing out areas for improvement and for what to do next… Thank you for your feedback, David! What is the difference between NWS and NWSA? different class of shares. No doubt a tough day for the IBD Live team. Hang in there, everybody. With change comes fresh opportunities. You’ve taught us that daily since the inception of this show, and we’re all the better for it. As Bill O’Neil would say, “I’ve never met a successful pessimist” 🙂 “Thanks for all of your hard work! We love your analysis. Hard to be positive with this market!!! Congratulations to WON team, you have taught us so much.” Thank you, Rosejuls! PLZ dont mess with my MKTSMITH!! I live on it at least 8hrs a day!! It will only get better. The market is extremely volatile yet the VIX is hovering around the lowest level since the pandemic. can you please explain. VIX is based on the S&P, which is still holding up relatively well. “I know this comes with a certain amount of trepidation, for everyone. Change does that. It is probably a good time to say thank you. You all have provided comfort, understanding, peace and humor during a challenging year for us all. As you preach, be flexible, be patient and lead on. God seldom closes a door, without opening a window. Darryl” Thank you! Most everyone on the show just learned about the news. However, I can assure our subscribers and colleagues that this is a big step forward for IBD. “IBD will greatly enhance our e-expertise in finance, with compelling digital coverage, unique tools and high-yielding services. We will be able to cross-sell and up-sell with Dow Jones financial products and provide specialist insights for
a knowing business audience,” said Robert Thomson, Chief Executive of News Corp. Robert is a longtime fan of IBD, going back to when he was creating the US version of Financial Times. Good morning. I’d love to hear about some short sale setups, especially since the the outlook has changed. Thank you! Hi Oren, Chris and I discussed how SE may be a candidate. NOT a short sale candidate at all right now. But we see a big drop below the 50-day MA; will a good new base form? Or will a head and shoulders pattern emerge? Hat Man — Alissa, I missed what changes are taking place at IBD. I have not been listening due to a new job. Could you please provide a quick update? Much appreciated! Hi Namrata! Here’s the press release:’s-Business-Daily Who is leaving? Hey Max, here’s the press release!’s-Business-Daily is justin staying around; we haven’t seen him in awhile Justin is on a well-deserved vacation this week! Thanks for the comments on the poll question. It helps! Glad to hear, Deborah! Will Jerry, the president of IBD, still remain in that role? Yes. They know he is the key to our digital transformation. I just want to point out that when one door closes… You can just open it again! That’s how doors work. (LOL) LOL What changes to IBD do you foresee after Rupert Murdock takes over? The resources to enhance our products, no doubt i humbly request you guys to elaborate on the sale and tell us what it means for the future Hey Sankar! Chris came on the show earlier to chat about it. We’ll most definitely continue to share information with our customers as we move forward News Corp stock didn’t gap up after acquiring IBD? 🙂 Right?? 😉 Good morning and congrats on sale. IBD subscriber. For 22 years. My concern is that with the sale you become too big to cover mid and small cap companies. It already happened on swing trader and I could see this happening on ibd 250, leaderboard, and even stocks talked about on IBD live. Part of the appeal of IBD is zigging when everyone is zagging. If you become “too big” how can you stay a step ahead? vsto is example you and minervini both recommend it same day. Pop and crash.
TY Regarding SwingTrader, that’s one reason why we started doing the watch list — that includes setups that don’t fit our liquidity requirements, but we want to share with our audience in case they want to have a go with those names So, will the IBD Live continue? How about other services, MS, Leaderboard, Swingtrader etc Everything will continue and continue to improve. Could you please clarify whether the NASDAQ ever did have a “follow-through day” since IBD declared the the ‘market in correction’ a couple of few weeks ago and then later indicated ‘uptrend resumes’? It did not. The uptrend resumes was based on the Dow making new highs. IBD being part of Dow Jones is disappointing, I just canceled all my Dow Jones products in favor of IBD. Dow Jones = Murdoch. Murdoch’s are now pushing the MSM agenda A response from Chris to someone else earlier: “Nothing will change in how we cover and analyze the market.” I’m sure the uncertainty of the market combined with the uncertainty of an acquisition makes it hard to feel all lambs and bunnies and unicorns and rainbows at the moment. I’m a longtime IBD reader, but a relatively new IBD Live subscriber.
I appreciate all y’all very much. Thanks, Tom 🙂 is there a daily list of RS highs ? There is for the Growth 250. We plan to expand this to the entire market. Understand the sale, but which one of you will not stay? Irusha is a portfolio manager with O’Neil Global Advisors Thanks Chris and Alissa. This is Kulwant (filling in for Namrata). I am a bog fan of all of you and want to continue the services. Cheers! We appreciate your kind words, Kulwant! can’t get to IBD home page. doesn’t work. Strange! I’m able to get to it. Maybe clear your cache and restart your browser, or try a different browser? Let me know if you try that and continue to have issues Right on Ken, Den is inside week too live answered Irusha is a humble genius… he always acts like he makes all these mistakes that us novice traders do.. but I think his actual performance is actually outstanding. I am going to really miss seeing him on IBD live He’s still going to be on IBD Live as a panelist! 🙂 But I totally agree with your words about Irusha. to Team – can we review one of Ali’s favorites – ASO ?? Ha, not sure if it’s a favorite! Closed below the 50-day line yesterday for the first time in its move, earnings 5 days away… I’m not in this one is Irusha – are you staying or going? Looking at all the questions and answers has differing view points – one says your staying the other says your going. Irusha will remain the William O’Neil company as a portfolio manager. He will continue to be a panelist on IBD Live. TME what a sell off live answered Ah! Irusha! I made the same mistake with TME! Ouch! Thanks for sharing.. live answered Investing novice here. I used leaderboard recommendations a few weeks ago to sell and then repurchase stock .got hit with wash sale rule(might not have typed exact name correctly.) Do you do anything to avoid this with your recommendations Thank you for this good Q. We don’t consider the wash sale issue for Leaderboard if a stock is proving that it has potential to stage a stronger breakout than the prior one. We don’t want to miss the next possible big move! KEN — TME — Another example of of much tighter action during the 3rd Qtr of 2020 V 1st Qtr of 2021. Good point, Peter; I would add that during Q3 last year, the stock was forming a base and it did have some substantial weekly price swings, including two sharp declines through the 50-day in Aug and late Sept. But this was typical for a stock
building a base. We were impressed how TME was moving nicely and getting buying support at the 50-day after the breakout in December, and thought it would be a great add. But no doubt, China stocks carry extra risks as we’ve learned over
the years. Hat Man Hi Ali, It doesn’t work on my mac book (safari) or my linux system with firefox. hummm Thanks for the info, are you getting some sort of error message? That might help us when investigating the issue. It’s working on my macbook/safari 🙁 how far does the IBD live archive go quite a few weeks — and we also have a ton of educational clips that we post to (these highlights also have their own playlist at and on our YouTube page too!) Could you look at all of the ARK funds and comment? We looked at ARKK towards the beginning of the show. Not an area we want to be in right now Is this a proper time for hedging? Good morning! Good morning! Chris was saying yesterday that he’s hedging his TQQQ position because he’s trying to wait to get a long-term capital gain on it and is close to doing so. But he said he wouldn’t be hedging individual tech stocks in which sell
signals were ignored — selling/going to cash is the best hedge Hi Chris, you know what they say, follow the money…Lets buy IBD… So true! Any update on adding the performance to leaderboard I’ve been told that’s in the works… not sure about the ETA, unforutnately. But it’s in the pipeline There is no doubt that the IBD LIVE team will make Dow Jones News Corp a better place. Everyone on your team brings their A-Game every day and that benefits all of us out hear as subscribers. Thank you all.!! Thank you! “It is So Important that IBD is politically neutral and a trustable news source. I know you guys say it will stay that way, and I’m really super-hoping that will really be the case. Please always stick with your great ethics, that will always work out for the best in the long term. (fingers crossed for a good future for you guys & for your subscribers too) 🤞🏻” Our approach and methodology will not change. <TSIM> with the the TS pronounced as one sound Indeed! I see there are so many questions… And yes this must be terribly difficult for the IBD Live Team this morning. I feel for the team. Will you write something about all that this change entails, as we, all IBD subsribers, I am sure, would
like to keep IBD as it is; but there is a change… It has been such great leraning form most/all of us. We wil continue to communicate with our customers as we move forward! I just got an email from IDB Live recap from today is that correct? Not sure what that was about… looks like it’s yesterdays. Sleep number mattress… AIR… The best!!! I love mine! Is Irusha leaving IBDLive with the sale? Irusha will remain with the William O’Neil company as a portfolio manager. He will continue to be a panelist on IBD Live. Love what you gals/guys do and we know that it’s the team of IBD that makes the product you produce so amazing! Since there will likely be some changes in the future for IBD, I’ll throw out the suggestion that MarketSmith should partner with
TradingView to handle the charting aspect of the platform. MS screener is best in class but the charting makes the product feel clunky and difficult to use. Maybe contracting with TV to use the API is a more effecient solution than rebuilding
the charting from the ground up. Just my .02… Thanks again for all you do! We are in the process of greatly improving the charting functions. IBD Live Recap just came in email and show still going, why? It looks like it was sent in error. The contents are from yesterday’s show. Sorry about that! Hi Ali again, Had to go to and login again. I did clear my cache browser before. now i’m good. pfew Ah, glad to hear Brian!! So sorry about that. I’m relieved to hear your issue is resolved! Is there a Q&A on when the team refers to stocks “wedging”? Thanks Check the FAQ page at for a clip: “David Ryan On Why Wedges Are Bearish” How do I change my name to, or to a handle name Would try looking in your Zoom account settings ZI, what are the thoughts Forming a base; we like how the RS line is now rising again after the sharp move back above the 50-day MA recently, and in higher volume. Def keeping on a watchlist, Annie. Dow Jones wants IBD because you guys have become mainstream due to your success 2020 was a huge year for IBD and 2021 has been great so far, too! Ed just mentioned low volume up and failure at the 50 dma and low volume down menat something. I missed the point there. Can you clarify please? Wedging — with PINS, big volume on sharp declines, low volume on wedge higher then resistance at the 50-day. We have a clip about wedging linked over at “David Ryan On Why Wedges Are Bearish” Every year I evaluate all the companies that I do business with. And I rank them like stocks. Like Webbie and Scott. The consistent bottom player is the company that you are hitching your wagon to. DJ is D- Stock… I really can’t believe you
got sucked into a D-. We talk about good and bad every day. DJ — D- On a good day!!!! Thanks for this comment; well, interesting to see News Corp. stock is rising today. NWS ED – GBTC – $ 41.41 A new break below the 50-day MA, good eye Alissa, is there a place on the site where I can read back QA session chats? Hey Joseph! We do send out a link to the answered questions from the Q&A every day along with our ready list and watch list. We have it linked at the top of the description next to each day’s archived episode at 🙂 What a gpood time to build and update lists Absolutely. I am a LONG time user of your services and educational oriented programs. I purchased the Red Book (HTMMIS) in 1988 and and been a subscriber of the paper and this is the Biggest Change i’ve experienced. I hope that you keep your focus. I
also subscribe to WSJ and your stock market information is the BEST. Thanks to all and I’ll keep watching. Thanks so much for your long-time support, Donald! As Chris said, our approach and methodology will not change. Is there a reason the Live Update has already been sent? It was sent in error — the contents are of yesterday’s show Is the link in the “Reminder: IBD Live starts soon” email? I’m not seeing where you “send out a link.” Sender is “IBD Live Recap” Happy Birthday Bill O’Neil! I just wanted to take this opportunity to say you changed my life with what you have done with your books, IBD, and MarketSmith. You allowed me to get out of the daily/weekly/yearly/lifelong grind of small business
and to do something I truly enjoy. You have changed so many people’s lives. THANK YOU!! Thank you for your kind words, Russell! This is awesome

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