IBD Live QA Summary, Stock Lists For Thursday, Aug. 26, 2021

Question Answer(s) good morning. I would be interested to know the teams take on MP. They produce 15% of the worlds rare earth metals and do it in the USA and have phenomenal growth. Hey Neil! The steel producers are looking much stronger than the miners right now. From a technical perspective, Ithink there are a lot of other stocks out there that look healthier than MP Good morning! what are the main criteria when the team decides to put a stock on Swing Trader? Check out for all things SwingTrader! David, can you talk about your trades in OLO We’ll ask him. How far above the 50d is QQQ considered extended and when would Chris start his hedge? 6% above the 50-day line. And of course the QQQs and Nasdaq can be extended for quite a while. Do you know if Bill O’Neil ever held a losing position, even one with a very small loss, into an EPS announcement? I assume he did. Before Reg FD, earnings results didn’t have such huge moves. APP looking good for an early entry? With so many days up in a row, would want to see some sort of pullback/tight action for APP before jumping in David, still have OLO? Did you take any off table on the move yesterday or add to move? Just curious how you played it. I bought day before and took 1/2 profit and kept half to ride out for now live answered How do you prepare to adjust your portfolio if a market rug pull happens tomorrow? Keep an eye on your stocks. Take profits if necessary and always cut losses if your stocks trigger sell signals. Keep your watch list fresh, focusing on stocks with superior relative strength lines WDAY? A laggard among enterprise software stocks, but who knows, maybe it’ll pull a DOCU or PAYC on earnings? any good words about CRSP? RS Rating of 61. There are stronger stocks to be focusing on in the medical sector GM IBD Live … curious as to what www’s panel members are studying during pre-market? We are looking at the indexes as well as the premarket movers. Gives us an idea if there is a rotation and which stocks may be actionable. Certainly helps that Ed and Ken are always on top of the news. Good morning! Selective stock picking! Good stuff! Name of the game in 2021, Ron! PKI – On Tuesday it had a stalling day when it was up 0.38 with volume a + 19%. Yesterday it was up 1.55%, but volume was -34%. Do you suspect it needs a few more days of tightening? live answered Good Morning, I would enjoy the teams comments on HOLX, its appears to be setting up nicely. Volume and RS rating are the weak links in this setup. Compare the weekly chart of HOLX and group peers INMD and SWAV – those are the two leaders of the group. They’re both extended right now, but their recent setups are worth studying. OLO retaking b/o pt Yesterday was the day to get in when it cleared the 41 level SNOW gap up over DT line Nice reaction on big news for sure, Leslie. For someone bullish about SNOW, I would consider last week’s high of 292.20 as the top of a one-week handle with a nice shakeout last week, courtesy of that bearish note by Cleveland Research. Ken: if you have a position in SNOW; what would you do to protect profits or would you just let it run…? Trading at the lows of the day at the moment. Would keep an eye on it to make sure it doesn’t fill the gap Hi, please cover SNOW and it’s earnings reaction, is it buyable today? live answered I want to know how to best avoid another huge draw down in my account. Those 2 big hits last end of August and earlier this spring I got hit with 18% and 15% pullbacks. I was thinking before the last one that I would be happy to stay at that
amount, but didn’t act and lost 15%. I’m getting close to getting back to that amount again. Do I sell everything and wait for the market to take a hit and then come back in? I’ve got some nice gains in some stocks NVDA, CMG. Maybe sell
50%? I teach school (I’m out sick) so I can’t jump in and out of stocks that quickly. We were nervous about the market in both instances and noting how extended the market indexes were from their moving averages. When you hear us talking like that I would start trimming postions and dumping those that are negative. You could
always buy some SQQQ to immediately reduce your exposure. RH retakes pivot pt live answered Thanks Alissa, would be nice to hear from David Ryan what his strategy/plan is for a potential market rug pull He’s been saying he’s kept his exposure light. I’m sure he’ll continue to comment on his strategies! S NH Awesome move this week so far, Leslie; the security software names continue to lead, surely. SWAV — Missed this breakout on Tuesday. Volatile. Impressive Fundamentals – Strong Group 9/197 — RS hitting new high. Extending, but, worth monitoring. Yeah nice RS line blue dot on the weekly David and Justin – can you talk about the financial sector? Which part – banks or investment? GS C COF WFC live answered Good morning. Can someone talk about OLO. It’s been ripping for the last 5 days. I don’t think you’ve mentioned it. Thanks. Yesterday would’ve been the day to get in when it cleared the 41 level speaking of gap ups, may we look at NTAP? Thank you, live answered ETSY chewing thru resistance area Having a great day today Good morning ED, Can you please change the View from side to speaker is on top. Hi William, we are aware of the ongoing issues with the view settings and are actively working with the Zoom team to resolve, escalating the issue with their team. We appreciate your patience as we work to resolve full flexibility of the view
settings for our audience. Can you folks look at ETSY….I just bought live answered What do you guys think about DocuSign…going up nicely before earnings? Hi Robert, we still like it. Good support at the 10-week MA. We maintain a half-size posn in Leaderboard. Still in buy zone after a 10-week MA rebound near 291.29. One thing I have noticed especially recently, it looks like you are paying less attention to Industry Group ranking when picking stocks. Last year I got the impression you didn’t want to touch anything worse than 50 and now you are easily looking
at the lower third even. Is this a result of current rotating market conditions? Hey Magnus, we of course focus on the top groups and conduct in-depth analysis regarding industry groups each week. While focusing on top groups is important, we also like seeing big increases in the rankings from weaker groups. For example, enterprise software stocks started breaking out while still in a weak group — 169 three months ago vs. 34 now. What screen are you using to find gap ups? Marketsmith only showing $WSM? Most gap-ups happen on earnings or some other news event. So that’s how we’re aware of them! Good Morning!!! Which fund has the team referenced in the past which David Ryan likes? I believe it is the ContraFund, FCNTX? Thank you. I’m not sure which one he’s specifically commented on, but we have a list of IBD’s “favorite funds” on our FAQ page at SQ has been on Leaderboard but hasn’t been moving.. any thoughts? Testing patience for sure, but not doing anything wrong at the moment. Let’s see if it can hold around the 21-day DEN? Good to see it back above its 50-day line. But will it hit resistance at that level like it did on 8/12, or hold above it? What do you guys think of TSM as a bottoming base? We discussed in detail yesterday, it’s still too early but one to watch/set an alert to see if it can clear a declining-tops trend line from its highs. Hat man used the view settings so speaker was on top. He is running a very old version of Zoom. The Zoom team will not let our other hosts revert to the old Zoom software, we’ve asked. Hi Chris, two days ago you touched on Etsy and your opinion was Etsy looks like in a down trend. It’s on the upside these two days. What’s your take on this one? He’s had it on his radar and had a trend line drawn, and it’s definitely clearing that trend line now “BSY: Please comment on Tight Closes Handles Broke out today” We talked about it. I think David has it. We added to SwingTrader. We definitely like the tight trading and break of the downtrend. David BSY up on volume comments live answered David look BSY!! live answered WST has been unbelievable easy hold ?? It sure has, nice job! Good Morning- is there a MS screen for high quality names pulling back to the monthly 12 ma? thanks That’s a good Q for our product coaches — [email protected] It looks like ETSY is breaking finally today with some volume. Any comments? live answered Market Smith.. What Price Scale do you guys use..?? Standard or Best Fit..?? Standard! The way to make sure you have it on the right one is toggle back and forth between them on a weekly chart and whichever one shows “tighter” price action is standard. Infrastructure idea- Is BSY institutional quality? Thx! Great to see David again! live answered Can David Ryan look at BSY, he mentioned this stocks few weeks ago, it is infrastructure/software area. Thank you. live answered Ed Are you able to change the view settings so that only one host is shown — it affords more screen space for charts…. Tnx Hi Wayne, we are aware of the ongoing issues with the view settings and are actively working with the Zoom team to resolve, escalating the issue with their team. We appreciate your patience as we work to resolve full flexibility of the view
settings for our audience. BSY is breaking out. live answered PWR – curious, what did David mean that the RS line wasn’t confirming? How woujld it have to look, because it looks like it’s turning up with it’s move? He meant that the price was at new highs but the RS line didn’t hit new highs. Can you guys expand on the blue and red boxes on the charts? Blue is 5% buy zone from pivot identified by pattern recognition, while red area is 5-8% sell zone Is think & swim available on IBD website? It’s a TD Ameritrade service. Ed, I think you said you use SEMR in the newsroom… any thoughts on the stock, I’m holding tight – looking to add- but a low volume stock When it cleared 22.82 resistance a few days ago was a time to get in/add shares. Now, seems like it needs a bit of a pullback. It’s 14% above the 10-week line DEN is bouncing off 10 week. live answered What would cause David Ryan to sell the shares he bought yesterday? 8%, break of yesterday’s low, etc? Last week, we detailed some of his selling strategies. He’ll be teaching another selling lesson today! Please discuss FIGS. Not looking good after a strong finish yesterday Chris is using a close below ~35 as his exit ED, can you make your screen larger? Old man on a laptop is squinting… Got it. I concur with Scott St. Clair about the dangers of 3x leveraged ETF’s. I have always been burned by them except for short, intra-day trades. NOT for the faint of heart! Gotta be very careful… ASO live answered can you all kindly comment on how you manage the risk with 3x ETF’s and how you actually trade them? Thank you so much, First key is a laser-focused proper entry. Then, making sure losses don’t get out of hand if the trade moves against you. I went with XLF instead of FAS because I wanted exposure to financials but felt like I didn’t have a good enough entry
to withstand the volatility of FAS. I like to trade UPRO and TQQQ but only when SPY/QQQ are reversing off the 50-day. Too late on DOCU? Only 3.7% above the 10-week line, but earnings in just a week. If traders *really* wanted to get in I suppose they could, but they run the risk of not having enough time to build a profit cushion and should assess their positions to see if
they have a decent enough cushion before the earnings report comes out. Please explain what is a “low cheat” ? Mark Minervini term — we have a video clip from a past episode linked on that explains John Najarian’s NOV IGT looking good Volume coming into IGT with the bounce off the 40-week for sure. A bit too early for our style, but an interesting move SPRT broke out with light vol but it’s flying. Its this in you guys radar? Hasn’t been on my radar, but what a strong move. Didn’t have a proper setup when it was still trading below 10 bucks. Let’s see if it can set up again — way too extended for a buy here Has WSM been mentioned? First stock we covered I believe. We’ll circle back. Is it possible to enable the floating-screen view for the presenters? It is difficult to see the chart because the four presenters are shown on the right side instead of the current speaker being shown in a floating screen. On some days this
option is enabled but today (and on many days lately) it is not. I believe this is a setting that can be enabled by the Zoom host. Hi, we are aware of the ongoing issues with the view settings and are actively working with the Zoom team to resolve, escalating the issue with their team. We appreciate your patience as we work to resolve full flexibility of the view settings
for our audience. In the meantime, you should be able to drag the bar between the chart and the stacked speakers to make the speakers smaller and the chart bigger! Thanks Ali – appreciate it. I was hopeful that it had been resolved since there was a single host window during the show earlier this week. Dave is running an old version of the Zoom software that allows viewer flexibility — we’ve asked the Zoom team if we can have that software for our other hosts and they won’t let us. Promise we’re actively working on the situation and are
not happy with our viewers being unhappy Does David sell FIFO when taking profits? LIFO 🙂 David, thank you so much for all this great education! live answered Justin, you once mentioned when the stochastic hits 20, it’s a buy signal, as it’s at a low. Did I remember this correctly? Can you kindly comment on that? Thanks, Hey Sean! We have a video linked on about how Justin uses stochastics. You can search the page for “stochastics” to find it! When determining that a stock is breaking a downtrend and what is the minimum length of the downtrend? There are a lot of factors, and there is a bit of an art to it. The steeper the downtrend and the fewer points that are connected, the weaker that trend line. The gentler the slope and the more points that are connected, the better the trend
line how do you get the stochastics (spelling) chart up on top? Click on the wrench! 🙂 Thanks Alissa, good advice! Happy to help! Good morning – I missed yesterday’s call – what did Chris decide to do with his FIGS position. Thanks He’s using a close below the ~35 level as his exit David Ryan: how do you use the stochastics when looking to buy? We have a video linked on about using stochastics to buy. You can search the page for “stochastics” to find it! The Stochastic Oscillator compares where a security’s price closed relative to its price range over a given time period. Exactly, I tried to say that but your words are more succinct. Please cut this clip out on stochastics and add to IBD TV, need to see this a few time. Great stuff though! Thank you. Yes, we will definitely be cutting a clip of this educational segment! 🙂 MS stochastics are 14, 3 live answered slow line is 3 day MA of the fast line live answered Is there a video on MarketSmith or IBD on Stochastics ? We have a video linked on about how we use stochastics. You can search the page for “stochastics” to find it! Does David R use stochastics? Yes, he was reviewing today how he uses stochastics as a signal for selling How do you find that on MSmith? Click on the wrench in the upper right My funds are in non taxable accounts…. Is it better to sell on a lifo or fifo basis ? live answered which color is fast? The smooth one is the slower one Alissa you’re a machine answering questions! Good morning. Howdy! Doing my best 😛 Could you please repeat the days/credentials that the Stochastics uses for the slow/fast lines We have a video linked on about how we use stochastics. You can search the page for “stochastics” to find it! David is an excellent teacher. Thanks. live answered Which stochastic line is fast and slower? Dark or light? Smooth one is the slower one I love your lessons on selling, David! Thank you so much! live answered Is there a user guide for Market Smith charts ? Yes! We have a ton of educational resources for MarketSmith members once you’re logged into the portal. Reach out to our team at [email protected] for details! how do you like solar space and TAN? Needs more time. We have a trend line drawn from 93.49 to 89.93 — if it crosses that level, it’d still be below its 200-day line. But that would get it back on our radar to pay a bit more attention to Good morning, Could you explain in the MarketSmith comparison chart, what is the scale (index scale). I realize its not relative strength and I am not sure how to properly compare several stocks. Thanks! It’s plotting a visual representation of the percentage moves for what you’re comparing over a given time period… beyond that, not sure what the “scale” is. I think it probably adjusts depending on what you’re comparing Last in first out, also makes it easier to keep track of your Average Share Price, when you are peeling off (reducing) a position. live answered Is the blue line the slow one? Yes! David – thank you. You are an excellent teacher. live answered Blue versus grey? Thanks Blue is slow David ROCKS for sure…. live answered I’ll be doing a rewind and taking notes tonight. Thank you David! live answered Special request. i’m visually impaired and a special request to convert your mouse to red. Thank you crew. Thank you for letting us know! I’ll talk to Ed about this. Mine is black and seems to be OK, but I agree, white mouse on white charts is difficult to see! David earlier said with regard to the RS line, he was ‘looking for confirmation.’ How is RS confirmation determined/assessed? When RS line is hitting a new high as the stock is breaking out/before the stock is breaking out David is such a great teacher. So good to have him on weekly basis. Hope he comes every day. live answered ALI — Great Book for audience: Technical Analysis from A to Z — Author: Steven B. Achelis. Thanks for sharing, Peter! Is there a recording of your sell classes you mentioned We have a ton of great resources at We will be adding the clip from today’s show, as well as last week’s selling lesson, to our FAQ page in the coming days 🙂 Justin: Take on tools from the IT world (aside from KISS) – there’s an old saying “All models are wrong, but some are useful” I like it. Should stochastic be viewed on daily, weekly or monthly basis? All the examples we reviewed in today’s lesson were using daily charts David, thank you so much for teaching us about stochastics and selling. Really appreciate it. live answered any fast etf’s you buying like LABU or SOXL? When they’re setting up and we’re wanting exposure to those groups, we do play those! I’m here for the education, and I’m getting some schooling today! Thanks David Ryan ! 😀 Also thanks Justin for poking into the hard Questions as well. Very helpful. Great! How to get the stochastic graph as David showed us? Go to the wrench and put a checkmark at stochastics. Is there anything I should do differently with stocks from the long term leaders list, or do we follow the same signals for buying and selling? We treat them differently — here’s a detailed article that explains how we handle: Why I can’t find NaSDQ from MS app on iPad ? 0NDQC is the symbol! how many screens are you guys working with? Depends on who you ask — most of us have 2-3 Justin – ck out Stand Steady for a 2nd screen for laptop when traveling….I have one and love it…that and an iPad and you are all set when being a road warrior Thanks for that! I’ll check it out. Is that the Weby RSI? Webby RSI (Really Simply Indicator) is just a play on words (or letters) and doesn’t have anything to do with your typical RSI (Relative Strength Indicator). Can David give us his search criteria on Market Smith? Like Shares Outstanding, Earnings, Relative Strength etc. We have this video linked on our FAQ page, clip from past episode of David Ryan explaining how he screens: RBLX Def making a base, good progress this week. Drawing a tight trend line within the base gives an aggressive buy point near 85.50. But I’d like to see more building of the base’s right side. LIFO vs FIFO – most brokerages will also let you change the lot used within 2 days after a sell in case you want to change it from the setting selected Good to know! Schwab has a best fit option. It picks the lowest tax for the each purchase and sale for multiple entry or exits. That’s cool do you watch the 21-day at close or during intra day as well? Both, but where the stock closes is the most important thing What % invested is David? At the beginning of the show he said ~50% Using LIFO on TOS platform, initially keeps track of individual progressive trades within any equity. After you sell last purchase for instance, cost for each leg gets “messed’ up, (because platform uses FIFO for tracking) and gives me fits. Have repeatedly talked to TDA about this, they are aware of and have told me for 2 years that they are working on. Can anyone help me this issue – PLEASE. I have been taking screen shots before I sell partially, to keep track of cost basis… Hey Kim! Not sure what we are able to do but making a note Another great educational show thank you! Great! The RS line new high confirmation daily vs weekly? Which one you go first? Good to use both! Thank you! This was a great session. Wonderful! David Ryan – Thank you. Your education is a blessing! Isn’t it? Great to hear!

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