IBD Live QA Summary, Stock Lists For Tuesday, Oct. 19, 2021

Question Answer(s) Ticker of the day SWFT Bingo. Shake It Off! Good morning! Hatman, does this mean I’m dating too many stocks? 😆 LOL!!! Ah, well, we do like to say date your stocks, and not marry them!!! Bought SKIN last Friday as it found support at 50 DMA. Hope I’m not the only one who likes it ! I noticed that one too! Last week we added it to the Live watchlist… Good Morning from Cape Cod. looking at MRNA Cheers Phil. GM. Coming back sooner or later? Gooood Mooooorning IBD Live! Here’s to chasing down you trading dreams like Pac-Man does a ghost after a bag of Cherries! There we go Shane! Good morning!!!! David – good morning. NUE, did you sell when the stock broke through your stop @ $99 yesterday? Opening strong @ $103 this morning. Would you be adding??Thanks live answered Hatman is David investing his cash with the follow through days??? Thanks He’ll no doubt be talking about what he’s been doing since the FTD 🙂 Good Morning. For David Ryan…Thoughts on NUE with the GS downgrade yesterday? live answered Tuesday’s are the new Friday…. to have David Ryan on the show… Tuesdays are David’s Day! No objection to that Michael! Ha ha Good morning, David, how do you manage secondaries? Had a 14%+ profit in one day yesterday on TASK and sold after hours when it was selling off 8%+ as I felt a didn’t have enough info and didn’t wanted to have a nice profit turn into a loss… live answered Nice work Dave Cheers Phil Good morning team – can we have David R look at NTR pls and thanks. live answered Are you still taking profits quickly on reversals vs let them ride like we normally do with break outs? Despite the economic uncertainty, the market’s back in an uptrend. So it’s best to increase your exposure as the indexes build on last week’s bullish action. As a rule of thumb, try not to panic sell, especially with your early entries. The
market is trending in our favor. But you might consider using stricter sell rules for any positions in weak or underperforming sectors. Is the team still keeping an eye on PLTR? Within striking range of the 50 day. live answered Are gold stks looking good now with fears of inflation? live answered Good news. Last Friday my accounts combined hit 103% Gain YTD. Thanks , could not have done it without all of you! Fantastic! Great to hear. Good morning folks. Can you give perspective on the significance to share owners of Taskus’ secondary offering announced yesterday? live answered Can we please do a deep dive into TASK with Dilution news. TY live answered I have DLO and TASK. Both announced secondary stock offerings after hrs w/ earnings. In general, how do you handle these announcements? Do you wait to see where they’re priced? live answered Bought SBLK last week and thinking about DEN. live answered GM everyone. David R, what was your favorite place on your roadtrip, did you make it to Colorado where I live? He went to Whitefish, Jackson Hole, Yellowstone, and Snow Canyon Park in UT. And other places, really cool. What are tickers today – joined late 🙁 We’ll be looking at oil & gas and lithium plays COIN……looks like a 294 pivot live answered Bitcoin ETF-kool. If you guys did cryptos you could do an option contract on XRP (Ripple). They are kicking the SECs as*s in the lawsuit. Gensler on CNBC. Hes been all over the place trying to clasify some coins as securities while others
are exempt. live answered Global Foundries IPO is scheduled for after the close Wednesday, 10/27. They were the manufacturing arm of AMD before being split off. Have a factory here in upstate NY. Interesting! Thanks much for the share Philip! Is the recent action of AMD considered wedging? Thank you. live answered FTD? thanks follow-through day Good Morning from Dallas! Hey John! SE NH Best day to get in was 10/13 with this one Can someone please alert DSC that his speaker view needs to be adjusted so we can see the whole panel? Fixed! ENPH hits pivot live answered DLO – what did ED say why it is down? Secondary offering What action is required for a new power trend. We have an explainer article over at 🙂 Proshares BITO started trading live answered Is AFRM at a entry point? No. It’s well extended from the recent test of the 21-day. Whats the platform David opened with? The one with the various Watchlist populated? Thinkorswim from TDAmeritrade SBLK seems to be on a roll again live answered Thoughts on ABNB? Early entry at the 21D bounce? We’re also looking at a new handle within the big base; 21-day EMA support is a good thing for sure. David Ryan is welcome to come to Canada and look at Canadian companies like Enbridge. I like to know more about what the team thinks of Canadian companies. live answered Hatman – 40% from zero is a big change for David Surely! If you have a good cushion with TSLA, is it worth holding through earnings or take some profits? Depends on your conviction. If you’ve got a decent cushion you can hold the position. But there’s also nothing wrong with taking some profits. COIN moving up with strong Fidelity sponsorship, thoughts? Last Thursday would’ve been a good day to get in. It’s looking extended now, would wait for a pulback should we continue to favor swing style trading over position trading? We’ll make sure to touch on that today! “Please cover : DASH and SE. Are they actionable here?” DASH about 5% above its 10-week line. SE is about 10% above its 10-week line, but seeing that RS line blue dot on the weekly chart. Both are interesting to consider… David, you are the only host capable of letting us choose Thumbnail view. Why do you always force side-by-side on us? The claim is that IBD is “working with Zoom” to find a final solution. Until then, throw us a bone! Hey Dennis. I’ll follow up with the Zoom webinar product manager this week to get a status update on the feature request we submitted with them. Thanks for your continued patience! Buy points for LIT? Ideal days were 10/13 and 10/14, but still in a buy range now. Just make sure you’re following sell signals if it pulls in! The best day to get in SE was when Scott recommended it at $39. imo, 4/2020, lol! LOL too true… Any news on AVIR? Dropped like a rock AVIR’s Covid treatment didn’t meat phase 2 trial endpoint I don’t have the magnifying glass icon in the upper right corner of marketsmith. Should I have that? I’ve often wondered how to see more detail on tight screens like spy. The magnifying glass is seen when you’re using the Chrome browser. Are you on a Mac or PC? On my Mac, command + allows me to zoom in. CTRL + should let you zoom in on a PC! Some comment on GM please. Pulling back from 59.45 handle buy point on double-bottom base. Earnings are in a week. What is the difference between a Flat bas and Consolidation? They seem very similar. Thank you. With flat bases, the criteria is more specific. Within a flat base, the percentage decline from the stock’s high to low usually ranges between 10% and 15%. With a consolidaiton, base depth can be as much as a 50% decline. Consolidation is
a catchall term for appealing chart patterns that don’t quite fit any of the other base dimensions. do you prefer trailing stops or hard stops allowing for pullbacks? We prefer setting alerts and then assessing the stock’s intraday chart before pulling the trigger on a sell. Once you have a gain in a stock, the shorter-term moving averages can act somewhat like trailing stops since we use closes below the
10-day SMA and 21-day EMA as areas to scale out of a position LIT v COIN? If the decision is just between those two, LIT is just 6% above its 50-day while COIN is 20% above its 50-day. So COIN is way too extended while LIT is not Should we buy off weekly chart or daily chart. Some charts looks buyable on weekly but not on daily ? It’s valid to buy off either the daily or weekly. I reccomend checking both to find earliest possible entry. Also, always check the stock’s position relative to key support points like the 21-day and 10-week lines. NOW is breaking out. Last week with the follow-through day we were talking about how that was a great time to get into some long-term leaders. We prefer buying long term leaders when they’re rebounding off their 10-week lines/coming back up through the 50-day
vs. waiting until breakouts to new highs How does SI look from Technical perspective? Results were good It looks like a sell here Thank you Ali! Ctl + (PC) worked and now I even have the mag. glass icon. Cool Great!!! HatMan on SI do you think people pulled out to put their money into the BIT Coin ETF? Always possible – but some Bitcoin plays are doing just fine today – and nobody is selling off like SI. Thoughts on ISRG. Breaking through a trandline and pusing through its 50 day MA I was just mentioning that in house. Of course, ISRG earnings are tonight. Will NUE announce earnings before or after the bell on Thursday? Before the open. Good afternoon team (from the UK) can MS use average lines as alerts? Hey Ben! Click on the alerts bell button next to open stock ideas. When the drop-down opens, click on manage alerts. When that window pops up, click on the Smart Alerts tab. Then you’ll See the different options for setting alerts on trend
lines 🙂 email our team at [email protected] if you need more help! Is there a reason that Leaderboard isn’t matching the same pivot (buy zone) as MarketSmith ? MarketSmith uses our pattern recognition algorithm, so it can miss things that the human eye can see. Chart reading is an art and a science, so that’s why there may be different buy points identified by our Leaderboard team that aren’t identified
by pattern recognition in MarketSmith your screen is frozen on TASK It’s not frozen on my end — maybe leave the meeting and rejoin if the issue persists? ASAN please? Looks to be breaking out maybe live answered Saw a really good question about swing trading this market vs. position trading. Hope we can get to this today. This is what Justin was talking about earlier when he was saying traders need to do some “soul searching” and figure out what’s best for them. He’s starting to try to hold on for bigger moves for some things, and getting in on an early entry
definitely helps. But with all these group-to-group rotations we’ve seen like David Ryan was talking about, some traders may opt to lock in a third or a quarter after a quick gain, then hold the rest until other sell signals get triggered.
Selling doesn’t have to be an all-or-nothing decision, and in addition to knowing who you are as a trader, also knowing the personality of the stock and what overall conditions are like are key Comments on AMD and ADBE? Nice RS line blue dot on the weekly for AMD. It’s breaking out of a double-bottom base this week. And while last week was a preferable entry, it’s still 7% above the 10-week line so not extended by that measure. ADBE was a potential buy when
it came down near its 40-week line. While it’s getting back above its 50-day line today, it’s had such a strong move over the last 5 sessions. At this point, would like to see it settle down a bit here or maybe advance a little more and
then form a handle what is the rule with completely new IPO? Wait for a short consolidation, what we call an IPO base. More here — and AMD down vs. other chip stocks – any reasons it’s had a strong move in the prior four sessions, not surprising to see it take a small rest Justin/Chris, what do you think of NOW as a position trade at this point. live answered Solar Stocks == time to buy ENPH or just the etf TAN ? TAN gives you exposure to the group with less volatility than an individual name Question on undercut, how do we know it wont undercut again? Reversals on trend line? You don’t. But, when you get an upside reversal you at least have a line in the sand where your risk is limited and your upside potential is greater. Would you play the miners like NUGT? Usually I stick with GDX or GDXJ. NUGT is leveraged and adds an extra layer of volatility that goes beyond my comfort level. the charts are not in syn with your comments Would check your internet connection, and may need to leave the meeting and rejoin. It is synced for me! I love watching the two Davids and Ed and Ali! Also love Justin with his stories of Bill O’ Neil. IBD Live is a great coaching service. Thanks! Thank you so much for your feedback, Scott! Glad you are finding IBD Live so beneficial any ideas on the best place to find the date and time (before opening or after close) for different names? Thank you. The absolute best/most accurate place is straight from that company’s investor relations page. Just do a web search for “Microsoft investor relations” for example, and that should bring up the IR site, press releases announcing the earnings
date and/or a calendar with upcoming events. Ali, On my charts I am not getting the flat base as it was just shown on the NOW chart, how do I get that? Do you have Pattern Rec turned on? It’s the cup with handle icon next to the printer icon. I want to be in solar as a theme , I prefer sticking to the ETF TAN as opposed to the individual stocks, should I still be concerned about the overhead from earlier in the year? ENPH, SEDG and FSLR are near old highs, so not a big issue for those stocks. Many others are well off their highs. I’m treating it as almost a cyclical rotation, so I don’t think overhead supply will be an issue for TAN. NVDA is consolidating a bit after several strong days – please include it in today’s analysis . live answered Can we please look at TWTR….looks like breaking its DTL Looks interesting but earnings are in a week. Any thoughts on CF? Hi Tammy, we did cover earlier in the show; doing great, if it holds tight, maybe a shelf or a base-on-base pattern will emerge. AAPL clearing 50 day on strong volume live answered thoughts on MNDY on key support lines live answered any thought on OLPX? live answered INTC in chipland? live answered How about AMAT? live answered Any news on ASML dropping ? live answered Confused here – David Ryan just said he would wait on NVDA to form a base, not buy it on a break of trend line. So are we back in a position to buy breakouts and not break of trend line? I think he’s saying if you didn’t buy NVDA on 10/13, at this point since it’s had a strong move off lows you should wait for it to digest gains at these levels, maybe form a handle, and look for an entry that way when I buy a stock at early buy point, is it ok to go full position? Each trader should determine a full position size that works for them. Some traders will go in with a full position when the market is in a confirmed uptrend, while others will pyramid with 1-2 add-on buys to get up to a full position. It
depends on your trading style, conviction, what the exact trade setup looks like (what you’re risking), what market conditions are like, etc. Ali and Ed don’t forget to promote Barron’s Live this Friday! Thanks so much, Jeffrey! Yes, we will be sure to promote on Wed, Thu, Fri shows 🙂 ZI on top 50 approaching ATH Nice move but no volume. i cannot see the day’s questions that have been previously answered if i log on late-only current questions appear Correct, Zoom only shows you questions that have been answered after you’ve logged in. But everyday we post the full Q&A (of answered questions) next to each days archived episode in the description at, along with
our daily ready & watch lists TASK breaking through 21 day and 10 wk MA. Is it time to sell? It’s holding the 21 day now. The 50 would be my line in the sand. thanks for the answer Ali-I was gone for about 2 weeks and that was not the case before -correct? That has always been the functionality of the Zoom platform, to my knowledge. We do post all our answers after the fact, though! Please explain correlate. Price action? Fundamentals? Ultimately it’s price action. BTU fell today all the way to it’s 21D, 16%! IBD has taught me to sell into strength, yesterday. TY! Well done!! Lack of capital investment in fossil fuels will push up prices and the existing supplies will do very well. Millennials love their electricity too 🙂 I do think that’s a potential scenario that a lot of people aren’t thinking through. china talking tought about controlling coal prices BTU live answered Where can I find daily Sector performance ? Here you go! Do you think the underwriters of TASK ran the ramped the stock yesterday to then offer it @ a 15% lower to make it look like a great deal? Personally im out of there… I don’t think that’s the case. This is always a risk with IPOs. They were probably waiting for support at the 50-day and then felt they market could digest it. DLO-what happened great earnings?? ideas? Stock offering for existing holders. It also guided up on revenue, but wasn’t a HUGE beat. It’s possible that wasn’t enough. Or maybe it was just the stock offering announcement. Any new on NOW, gapping up this morning Answered live Shippers like ZIM and DAC are moving. Answered live LAC sure looks like a cup with handle but Marketsmith isn’t recognizing the pattern. You are right, agree that it’s a very large, deep cup with handle and a handle offered a 24.82 buy point. can you comment on LTHM, another lithium play Answered live Is HUT a good buy? Wild action but certainly strong move from an initial narrow IPO base at 5.69; the latest base was a 5-week cup, V-shaped; while those are flaws, you do see two solid up weeks in heavy volume, 3 weeks up, and the stock holding above a new
entry at 11.40, a dime above the V-shaped cup’s left-side peak. GM from Houston! What do you think of PCTY ….sold off hard before the close yesterday. Thanks. Glad you mentioned this one, we’ve added it back to the watch list. Pypl? Still in base-building mode. David tried to get your team to look at SBLK yesterday – The technicals are improving. Thanks Answered live Hatman, regarding TASK, does a share offering shortly before earnings are due indicate that earnings are likely to be good? That’s a great question; we haven’t done enough research to see if there is a correlation. In general, I’d expect managers to time these offerings only when they see strength in their company shares — regardless if earnings are coming out
or not.

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