IBD Live QA Summary, Stock Lists For Wednesday, Oct. 20, 2021

Question Answer(s) Ticker of the day PETY Or TOMP For marketsmith do we want our volume scale to show Arithmetic and price scale to show best fit? My chrome browser got reset and I cannot remember. Best fit only applies to the exponential charts on the weekly and monthly. Use it when the price action on the standard version doesn’t fit in the chart. Gooood Morning IBD Live! Great Tune! Saw Mr Petty Live at the Conord Amphitheatre along with Jackson Brown! Good times. Let us never back down, ever! You rock Shane! I won’t back down, There is no easy way out, I will stand my ground Great investing mantra, eh Narayanan? GM IBD Live from The Woodlands, TX! Let’s roll & not back down! Never! Never ever! Hey Tom! Good morning! When you have time, can you please talk about how to invest when you are already 100% invested? That is how you decide which stocks to sell to leave room for a new stock. Thanks Great Q; you can grade your stocks and this Investor’s Corner may help — Are you nuts. 5 to 11 year olds is good? Never mind, I know the answer! Hmm. Did you not have a polio vaccine? How about MMR — measles, mumps, rubella? Or how about shingles? We do not need your opinion on this. Thank you. Good morning, panel! Hi Jeff! Good to have you with us! Christ: Good morning.I own a lots TQQQ. I was told that leverage indexes can go bankrupt. IS that true ? Otherwise I love TQQQ, UPRO, UDOW. There was a big issue a few years ago with leveraged volatility ETFs. I like TQQQ as well, but I tend to hold it just for the uptrend and don’t hold through pullbacks. Swing Trader question- how do I set up alerts to go to my phone vs ( or in addition to) email? Hi Martha! Please reach out to our team at [email protected] to get connected with someone who can help with this 🙂 Good morning, welcome back Ali and company including Hatman Dave on this day, eyes on TSLA after the close today, expecting blowout earnings! Let’s watch Ron! Always fun to have you Irusha as well! Absolutely! Could we please cover AMD? Sorry Bob, we did not get to it today, but the double-bottom breakout at 114.59 is in play! What the solar stocks that were mentioned just now? ENPH, FSLR, SEDG and TAN SQ breaking through a trendline. Headfake or for real? live answered Thoughts on BTU’s action? Escalator up and down live answered Is Chris back into TQQQ? What was the entry point if so? He’s actually decided to hold it long-term and he hedges the position with futures. David are you holding all your tesla through earnings? Jim Naples Hi Jim, yes I am! The shares bought in 2020 have a good profit cushion. Earlier, I had sold shares bought in the high 700s when we had the brief correction in September — trying to trade around my core position. The highest price of shares
I bought in 2021 and still hold is at 624.95. Cheers, HatMan Dave INMD pls Kind of a nasty reversal this am What do you think about FSLR and ENPH? live answered Charts aren’t working on LB. Can your engineers please take a look? Alerting the developers. Thanks. whats going on with FSLR this morning?? There was a downgrade from Guggenheim. Trusting David Ryan on this one, getting into NUE earnings without cushion. He seemed confident Always be careful just following someone else. 1) he could be wrong as we all are wrong from time-to-time. 2) he change his mind due to chart action and you might not find out until it’s too late. Make sure you have your own analysis done
so you have rules to follow. solars, ouch! live answered will a drop happen with the new kidney replacement treatment just done by UTHR.. will this kill the DXCM and TNDM Hi Eric, that’s really interesting and a good point. Since millions of people suffer from diabetes, I suppose it will depend on how quickly that treatment gets approval and gets marketed? TAN didn’t listen to Tom Petty and retesting 200 day. Ha ha, hopefully 2 steps forward, 1 step back, then another 2 steps forward… You all rock DSC! Throwing out a ticker for possible discussion, FND. Earnings in 15 days, up 8 of the last 12 trading sessions with 100% on Bills’s Checklist, Beautiful fund sponsorship and fundamentals. I have a trendline from the low of the previous cup with handle 93.03 connected to the 101.67 and 110.71 higher lows and slicing through it’s recent pull back. It looks like it’s running into that upward sloping trendline resistance today. Shane, good one to trade; I bought FND on the breakout past that handle you speak of in July, and felt like it was a short-term trade for me. So, I took profits, but really like how it’s keeping a trend of higher highs and higher lows. And
now LOW is breaking out too, a good sign. Good morning from Austin. Can we have a look at EXPE, good place to add shares or better to wait? Thank you Hi SE, not sure why both EXPE and BKNG are selling off today, but it certainly looks like a healthy shakeout. If EXPE holds above both its 50- and 200-day moving averages, which are rising, to me that’s a positive sign of solid institutional
demand. In one way, the action this morning is disappointing in that the stock is getting further away from its handle pivot point of 175.47. Chris, have you seen HRMY just a little to small to talk about on live but interesting to see It’s a little thin with $18 million in dollar volume. But the blue spikes on the weekly chart look good. As do the earnings and sales (for a biotech!). One A+ fund with Fidelity Growth. Chinese stocks BABA? Hot Hi Kam, it’s certainly heating up after such a big fall. Let’s see if it can work on the right side of a new base. And maybe it’ll be a bottoming base? Cheers, Dave please look at upst live answered Chris, as you spotlight the solar sector, could you also comment on DQ? During the 2000 solar sector surge this key global poly-silicon provider was on steroids, but subsequently dropped all the way from $130 to a low of $45 on the double whammy of solar plus Chinese-stock out-of-favorhood; but of late it has risen well above its 21- and 50-day MA’s, today is broaching its 200. Still has a lot of overhead supply. And that big weekly reversal in July near 90 looks menacing. Regarding TAN: please comment on buying below 200 SMA. I thought this was discouraged. Because FSLR was breaking out and SEDG and ENPH were near buy points, I figured a group move could begin. Don’t worry about the 200 day in that case. ENPH also? Thanks Just under the buy point in the double bottom. Look at the intraday charts for a reversal and start building a position. Can we please look at BTU? Very volatile and concerning action. Is there any news live answered oil stocks are down today, as are the solars. Don’t they usually move in an opposite direction? Interesting Q, Sean. I think we’ve seen solars, over the long term, actually rise in tandem with rising oil prices as higher fossil fuels make solar energy more of an attractive alternative. Back in the mid 2000s, after the tech crash, commodity stocks rocked thanks in part to China’s expansion, and FSLR, SPWR came public and really did well. how do you do the comparison chart on MS? Very easy to do, on the top right corner, to the left of the pattern recognition orange button, there’s a four-black-mini-square button. Hit that, and a new window opens up. Thoughts on FCX? They report tomorrow. Click on the icon next to the Pattern Rec button with four black squares. Then pick your tickers and dates. Ooooh, nice. I like that comparison chart! It’s a great feature that I often use. AMD — Is now the Chip LEADER — ASML -3.60% Nice morning for AMD indeed “Thoughts on NUE (Nucor). I have a position and they’re supposed to have historic earnings. I am in at $98. Thank you for any thoughts.” Hi David, rising an eighth day in a row does look bullish. No one know how Wall St will react tomorrow, but this is indefatigible: the stock has been making higher highs, higher lows since Feb. DDD? Let’s see if DDD can retake the 50-, 200-day moving averages. Still in base building mode. AAPL…thoughts on an early entry Seems reasonable to me, Lincoln; a retake of the 50-day MA is bullish. Just keep in mind that it feels like the stock’s action has slowed down a lot. 65 RS Rating. The latest breakout past a handle at 137.17 produced a good gain, but at 14%
it did not reach the profit zone of 20% before pulling back. Cheers, Dave — and PANW up/down 2.5 That’s a great figure, indeed — thoughts on UPST? Downgrade from B of A seems to having an effect; downward pressure on price the last 2 days. live answered Any Thoughts on TTGT – please Hi Venu, the action is decent! A long cup with handle, or saucer with handle is forming. Earnings in 14 days. That may spur a new breakout past 92.85, 10 cents above the handle’s high. See also #S in security software… Certainly, nice to see the new base building. Let’s see if a quality base forms, Enrique! Cheers, HatMan Dave — DSC – quick explanation on your covered call strategy. Sure. I am not an expert. But, I’ve learned to not sell covered calls right before earnings. If the stock makes an explosive move after the news, my call caps the profits on the stock. I often sell a out of the money call a month or three months out when the stock is rising and I can capture some of the premium in theta and implied volatility and hopefully not be called away. My best covered call: selling a $1,700 TSLA call in January this year expiring in Jan 2022. It offered a lot of premium. can you folks talk about wash sales? We have a video clip about this on our FAQ page at 🙂 May we look at F please? Ford is making a nice move. Credit Suisse sees an upside and the first made-in-China Mach-E rolled off the production line. GM also having a good day. Both have earnings in a week. David, I tried the covered call idea before UPST’s last pullback. I only sold 1 per 100 as my Fidelity account would not allow naked calls. My options delta wasn’t enough to protect me. Next time I think I’ll try Chris’s PUT version. Still learning how to hold these big winners. Just make sure you have plenty of time on the puts, at least 3 months, so time decay is not a problem. can we checkout MSTR Setting up – but MSTR has lagged a number of other Bitcoin plays. MSTR buys Bitcoin as opposed to crypto mining/banking. It’s getting easier and easier for investors to buy Bitcoin more directly. Is the first bar equal to 5 minutes on Market Smith ? [email protected] do you watch level 2 for swing trades? No. We will watch intraday charts to time setups that are appearing on the daily charts. why do you use think or swim for a 5 minute chart and not MarketSmith? There is a glitch on the 5 min in MarketSmith and the first bar is actually the first minute, rather than five minutes. any comments about NFLX? live answered NFLX has support at its 21-day live answered did you discuss BROS yet? live answered I had an opportunity to re-read Who Moved My Cheese the other day. Can’t believe how this story relates to my trading experience! Awesome book/audio!! I may reread that myself. It was one that my mom suggested for me years ago along with “Fish: A Proven Way To Boost Morale And Improve Results” Can we check BROS? Thank you live answered Thanks Ali for sharing drawing the trendline. How to create a screen to get list of stocks which fall under this pattern? Email [email protected] for a team member’s help! Irusha, there should be a pool to predict how long it takes to pull you back into MarketSmith consulting. That’s where the real money would be. I could certainly see that, except for the money part. I’m Irusha would be willing to do it for free. 🙂 CFG – Cup with handle. How’s volume (WANDA)? Good action for sure; and this is a large cap lender. The stock has made nice gains, for sure, for patient holders. Def in buy range from a 49.76 entry. Can we take a look at LC? It’s up 5% today. thanks live answered Was CRWD discussed this morning? Thanks! Yes. Irusha covered it early on. is NUE earnings before or after the close tomorrow? Before the open. CHRIS — Are you a Lakers fan? Chris had a lovely presentation years ago on using the Lakers as a market indicator. ADDITIONAL ANSWER: I used to watch every game but once I dropped DirecTV I don’t watch a lot sports. May we please take another look at FSLR and discuss how to handle this (including a look at the 5 min chart) live answered How do I put the S&P 500 line on my MAC for comparison on individual stock charts? Click on the wrench icon above the price in the upper left corner of the chart. Then click on Index Line in the Chart Element Display group. Follow up on my comment about DFS — I found this when searching, several CC companies invest in Marqueta. “Marqeta partners with several card networks, including Visa (V), Mastercard (MA), and PULSE, which is part of the Discover Global Network. Mastercard, Visa and Discover all have invested in Marqeta. The size of Mastercard’s and Visa’s stakes haven’t been disclosed; Discover owns 5.4%, the prospectus said. “ Good info, Shari! Ed…what do you think about XPEL? Hmm. Hadn’t noticed that for a while. If it gets above the 50-day line it’ll also cross a trend line. Nice fundamentals. Definitely worth a look. Trades are working on swing trader, so why scalp Costco below 3% return? COST tends to be a slower mover and so we took our first 1/3 a little early. Gives us a little more flexibility to hold the remainder. Chris, is CRWD potentially forming a handle? That certainly could happen, Jeff! Perhaps send us the link for the Barrons show? 🙂 Thanks, Joanna! In case we can’t watch it live, will it be recorded? Thank you. Yes! The live version is a video webinar but they archive the audio at 🙂 I’m sorry can you repeat how and where to here Alyssa on Friday? 🙂 thank you Mike! Barrons is infamous for being bearish hopefully. Ali can fix fhat We are bringing IBD’s perspective 🙂 what did Chris say was the expected move on TSLA? 5% up or down. Expected Range on TSLA…no EV pun intended… Nicely done. If you have a 10% cushion in TSLA, would you hold though earnings? Looks sensible, based on our options analysis. Can’t wait for Harold to get back! He will be back! MSTR as mentioned earlier is a stock to watch. Renewed focus on crypto has been a game changer of late. ETF suggests buy-in by SEC for crypto. Comments please Hey there, I noticed too. Looks like a constructive base, surely. Earnings in eight days. This company def had that big move cuz the CEO loaded up the company’s account with Bitcoin. I’d like to get info on portfolio hedging. My port has gone up a lot in the past 2 months and I want to prepare for a correction. Can you ask Chris to discuss how he does this? Or direct me to the FAQ section where this is discussed? There’s a great link to hedging strategies at DSC – Thanks for covered call reply… U got it will Barron’s be recorded for IBD? It would be on same time as IBD on EST! It is at noon ET! IBD Live ends at 11 ET 🙂 it will be recorded though and available at later!

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