Leaderboard September Scorecard Webinar QA Summary on Tuesday, Sept. 7, 2021

Question Answer(s) Please explain how the channel line was used in deciding to take some profits on INMD. live answered Interested in LB stocks AVTR and DOCU We are closer to a 25% profit in AVTR since its breakout, especially as the stock is showing a robust start this week on some major acquisition news. Hi how do you explain the buy range in GNRC ? It’s greater than typical 5% . Thanks live answered What are you doing differently now to avoid another March drawdown? Market and growth stocks are better. Anyway the Excel spreadsheets can be shared after the webinar, or does is it posted somewhere on the LB platform? We just shared it in the LB product. Jutin will explain in a minute. Would it be possible to indicate a stock is held on Leaderboard when a sell signal is given on Swing Trader. I have quickly sold my position after a ST alert (at least 2-3 times) when it was also on Leaderboard that I would otherwise have
held longer. They are completely separate trades and positions. A sell on one is not necessarily a sell on the other. “Good afternoon, What was the position of SQQQ?” Hi Harry, thanks for joining us! We initially added it as a full-size position. It got trimmed to half size on 8/20, then departed on 8/23. I understand how holding SQQQ would impact the overall value of the portfolio. However, shouldn’t the decision to sell be made based on how an individual stock is acting? We don’t treat SQQQ as an individual stock. We don’t look at its chart, rather the QQQ chart and our portfolio as a whole. What is the objective of “Long Term Leaders” on leaderboard? Why not use a strategy in which we have only 5-7 full positions like the CAN SLIM methodology suggests? live answered Where do you thinkl ZIM is heading Breakout still holding up nicely. But I’d be watching the week-to-week action. Re: NOW: it’s Still quarter position . It did very well. Plans to increase the position size ? live answered Hi how do you explain the buy range in GNRC ? It’s greater than typical 5% . Thanks live answered I know there is a team approach to making LB picks, but, does the team track who initiates the recommendation for picks to see who is making the best suggestions for LB? They do not. It is a team effort. Based on your analysis, what is the current base count for GOOGL? Technically it is still a stage 2 what is the long term leader rule? is it on the Leaderoard page? thanks! How much real money is invested in the leaderboard? None. Our portfolio is a mock one used only to track performance. Can you please address thoughts on DOCU ?? live answered Is GNCR working on a 5th stage base? What are the chances that it can be successful? Each stage reduces the chance of success… My first time on this webinar. How is a full position determined? Hi Dayle, welcome! Great Q. When LB started in 2011, everything started out as full positions. To create flexibility within the model portfolio, and also to improve risk management, we introduced half-size positions roughly 4, 5 years ago.
Then, quarter-size adds and reductions entered the process. Lately, because of the market’s big run since April 2020, we generally start new positions as quarter (2.5%) or half-size (5%) positions. So, NVDA is rare in the current portfolio.
A full size position should ideally occupy 10% of a growth-stock portfolio. Hello Good afternoon. DOCU. I want to know what your outlook is on DOCU. It bruised me today! Certainly a tough day, Joe. Not quite given back all of the prior two big up days in the stock. I think volatility is still high, just after earnings. We’d like to see how DocuSign handles itself in the latter part of the week. Hello, is there way you guys can add EPS line on charts so we can see whether a stock dropped or popped next day after the earnings. Thank you. I will make the suggestion to our IBD Product Dept. why reduce the position on swing Shorter term horizon. We aren’t holding as long so we don’t get the cushion on SwingTrader that Leaderboard gets. We also need to cut our losses quicker. We tend to have lower drawdowns on SwingTrader but when there are short shallow pullbacks
that can be tricky how do you start investing in leaderboard stocks Schedule a free coaching session: what is the maximum no. of bases that can be counted. if a stock has as many as 4 bases at what point do you start counting 1 again Great Q, Stella. No, we still keep counting. When a stock falls so hard that it drops below the low of the most recent base, then officially you can reset the base count. Now, we can also decide to reset the base counts when the market itself
goes through a significant bear market — just like Feb-March 2020. Also, Stella, pls check out this piece, thanks! —
and Which chart(s) would you recommending using as main one(s)? Weekly/Monthly more than Daily/Weekly? Weekly to start and to best ID the bases and daily to make your buys I don’t see the rules there though, only articles for stocks. Do you have a page that you can email? Thanks! send an email to [email protected] and they will get back to you how do you calcuate full, half, 3/4 and 1/4 positions You decide how many positions you want in your portfolio and then do the math. If you are trading $10,000 and want 10 positions, each position is $1000. a 3/4 would be $750, etc. How do you recommend gaining exposure if we want the leaderboard portfolio exposure? Def first focus on the stocks that are in the upper list, Leaders near a buy point. Now, ABNB is extended, and it will move to the bottom list. AAPL is exiting the 5% buy zone from its latest entry point. For example, if I buy a stock at a price 3% higher than your “Buy point” and then the stock drops 8%, I will make a loss cut. Should I re-enter if the stock price subsequently recovers to the Buy point? What should be the position size in
that case? live answered Pls add the LB performance vs FFTY too.. since that will be a better reference than SPY.. Chris Gessel has made it clear that the S&P is the standard benchmark and the one we will use. So a full position is 10% of portfolio size? Yes Sorry – joined the call late – any thoughts on DOCU action today. Thanks We did discuss DOCU already. The archive will be up later today. Where is the Long Term Leaders List on LB?? Or is it on Is it a subset of the Leaderboard list or different? live answered Remind me when the stages reset? If the price of a stock on the leaderboard list drops below your “Buy Point”, should I buy the stock after waiting for the stock to recover the Buy Point price ? Or is it okay to buy at a lower price than Buy point as far as the stock is on the list ? Hi Yuki, exactly right. We prefer that you wait for the stock to show strength again. If you buy below the entry, sometimes you do get lucky, and that’s totally fine. But we hope subscribers do not make the habit of buying more shares down
in price, but up in price as a stock is acting right. — What percentage drop or amount of time is needed to reset base count? Any serious concern about the large decline today for DOCU? live answered What are thoughts on DOCU here? Today’s price action and close below 50SMA on big volume seems bearish? live answered What style of trading do you recommend best for this type of market? Leaderbord or SwingTrader? Truly, it seems like both strategies are working this year, Victor. Some months or weeks seem better for swing trading, though, and some better for Leaderboard. Can you also look at DOCU today? live answered Does a stock get less weight based on what base stage it is at? That def is a factor. Not the only one, but an important one. Is GNRC a buy for new positions here at 449.30 The way GNRC is falling today, personally, I’d wait. The true latest follow-on buy opp came in the week ended 8/27, when it crossed the 10-week MA. Pls add the crosshair feature to the LB mobile app…there is no crosshair for the LB charts in mobile app.. That’s a really good suggestion. Will share w/ our tech team. This month we had an sqqq hedge. The position size recommended was full size. was it total portfolio value or just 10%(which is full size as per current recommendation). We usually hedge the entire portfolio size, but I was not sure when the
hedge was called here. live answered Re the discussion of support at the 10-week line: Did Chris say that one can hold if the stock is down no lower than 2% than the 10-week? Would that be a value that’s assessed during the week or at the end of the week. thnx. End of the week. And the rule is 2% or more below the 10-week or recent support. Team’s thoughts on potentially adding a crypto currency position to LB in the future? Would the team look at a crypto chart differently than a typical equity position? Why or why not? Great Q, Chris. We would most likely not add Bitcoin or Ethereum, even the ETF format, but will never say “Never.” We might look closely at companies that offer the picks and shovels — COIN? RIOT? MSTR? We’ll have to see… Is there a possibility of adding a summary page where the stocks are listed in % weight vs having to go through entire list to check each one? We just added a spreadsheet to the opening in the LB product I agree to this comment, there a lot of limitations on the mobile app. –>”Pls add the crosshair feature to the LB mobile app…there is no crosshair for the LB charts in mobile app..” Thanks Jitesh. We’ll share this w/ our developers. For DOCU, is break of the 8/1 pivot point a sell signal? No, since the stock did not first rally 10%, 15% or more before this new pullback. It’s choppy for now. Is there a way we can draw trend lines on LB? Unfortunately not at this time. Any read in the options market about DOCU price action? We are not options traders. What is average holding time for LB positions? That research has not been done to my knowledge. So you trimmed your DOCU sign positions, but recommended adding a full position in Swing Trader? I trimmed ahead of earnings to reduce my exposure ahead of earnings. The SwingTrader add was after earnings. It was looking strong with a bounce at the 50-day moving average line. Nothing wrong with the setup, but some just don’t work out. Is it correct to understand that even when the market trend is uptrend under pressure, when a new stock is added to the leaderboard, it should be bought in the same way as when it is confirmed uptrend ? Yes BUT you are to be more cautious and ready to trim if necessary I’m still learning Leaderboard. I did take the free training but I’m still not clear on how to determine my alerts, which my understanding is that it is based on the average moving lines. Hi Joan, thank you for joining us! Glad you are giving it a ride. Well, alerts come to you when a stock is surpassing a true buy point, such as moving out of flat base, or rising past the highest price within the handle in a cup with handle.
Sometimes, though, a rebound off the 10-week moving average may offer a secondary entry, and so yes, we’d send a custom alert on this too.
and Can someone answer my hedging question please? I didn’t quite understand the question. A full position is roughly 10% of the portfolio whether it is an ETF or stock. But we have a set $ amount in our mock portfolio and don’t adjust it daily to that 10% level. Thanks, insightful comments on the crypto space. Much appreciated. We as a team need to learn more! Thank you Swift. So the recommendation this time was only 10% and not 100% of the portfolio? Def not 100%. We just added a spreadsheet to the opening in the LB product >>> are u referring the zoom call or is there a way to see the spreadsheet in LB web page ? Click the article in GREEN right above LEADERS NEAR A BUY POINT What is your feeling about AVTR? We really like how it’s behaved. But we’re also getting close to hitting the 25% profit zone from the 34.09 pivot point (42.61). The acquisition news today seems very meaningful. Speaking of Crypto, PYPL showed real strength today even with the Crypto pull back. What are your thoughts on how PYPL is basing? The past three weeks are encouraging. Looks like normal base building. This stock has had a truly fantastic CAGR since its May 2020 breakout. I calculate it to be nearly 60%. Whats the current cash (not invested) position? Roughly 3.3%. THank you David. That was really helpful. Another question: do you guys take stop losses? And one last question- do you do anything with the Volatility Index? It’s been awfully low, and I’m trying to get an idea when this long bull will end. We certainly use alerts on MarketSmith and other platforms to let us know if they are going through a price level that demands action. But we would advise against using real stop-loss orders, unless it’s a very liquid stock. Market makers
will hunt your stop order down. On the VIX, we’ve found that the Cboe volatility index can stay low for months before the stock market itself shows signs of a new pullback. Great Q, Joan! Thank you for joining us. Dave — hurray.. thanks for enabling the spreadsheet feature 🙂 We promised! TY Very helpful We’ve been promising forever and found a workaround. Can we also update monthly performance in the leaderboard please? Sure, I will make the suggestion. IBD is not actually participating with real money in these trades being recommended is what I heard… did I hear that wrong? We do not use real money. Only track the portfolio for performance. I cant see the link to the table that shows the current leaderboard holdings. Please show again. Click the article in GREEN right above LEADERS NEAR A BUY POINT Nice work! Appreciate the spreadsheet. It is a great workaround for now. When an appreciating stock increases the value of a “half” position to something closer to ‘three quarters’, it sounds like you sell so the absolute value in dollars is closer to a half position? Not necessarily. We take them on a case-by-case basis. If at all possible we want more money in our winners and let them run. That’s where compounding can really become powerful. Where to find that position list table on LeaderBoard site? Click the article in GREEN right above LEADERS NEAR A BUY POINT thank you for the table, truly insightful It was all Justin! Great to see the table in LB. Thank you. 🙂 Happy to help! Where was the results spreadsheet again on the page Click the article in GREEN right above LEADERS NEAR A BUY POINT and the spreadsheet is all jumbled up in the mobile app.. it is not showing the table.. It is not optimized for mobile. This was a workaround solution until IT can figure out a solution. I’m new. How do I enter into the Leaderbord? If you are at a quarter and go to a half, do I buy my initial quarter? Great Q, Scott! And welcome. I would personally say, if you really like the stock that’s getting expanded from qtr to half, and you feel comfortable with the higher “average cost” of your position since you did not buy on the entrance of the
stock into Leaderboard as a new quarter position, then you could go ahead and “initiate” with a half-size position, or roughly 5% of the entire portfolio. Hope this helps. Dave What was August performance? Was the august performance shared in this call? We did have lot of sell offs this month. It was at the beginning. The archive will be available this afternoon. When are you having more stocks in the watchlist? In strong markets, we will not use the watchlist very often, we simply add the stocks. David: are you planning to add some stocks to the watchlist in LB? We hope to do so. ABMD- acting well U/D 1.8, B+ accum Thanks John. Yes, it’s come back a lot after going deep into the woods, eh? Hatman liked UPST but it looks like leaderboard bailed Yeah, thanks Jamie. I still like it! But as a team we hesitated on the latest breakout of a deep cup withouth handle. I still own shares. It’s just that until the latest breakout, to me, it seemed like pullbacks to key technical levels are a better entry point. Well, we’ll keep monitoring Upstart. Thanks for joining us and supporting Leaderboard! Do you consider or use BOUT? That’s a great Q. We have yet to add it to Leaderboard so far. How do you use the sector leaders list? It is an important screen for choosing LB stocks. Ok- one last question, I promise. I’m wondering if institutional investors choose specific stocks to keep buying and selling, buying and selling, and if DOCU is one of them? I ask because Docusign is such a great service and of great value
in business. Why is there so much red AND blue candlesticks? Just makes me wonder if institutional folks somehow do that? No, pls keep the nice thoughtful Qs coming! It could be that DOCU is a favorite for hedge funds and other “hot money” in the market. New subscribers cannot get in the positions without new ideas Right. We will continue to add new ideas. ABNB is a very new one. And two weeks after its move, Airbnb has gotten extended. However, notice how this new base is still developing. If this stock works out, more buy opportunities will certainly
arise. DOCU entry date around the date of April 2020 follow through not annotated on DOCU’s weekly chart? Why is this? I find your annotations on Leaderboard charts inconsistent and hard to read (sometimes entry or exit on weekly, sometimes on daily). Isn’t there some way to clean up these charts? Great Q, Cheryl; I think in the past it was annotated. But there may have been a technical glitch that resulted in a loss of certain annotations. I’ll try to add it — as well as when it exited Leaders in 2020 — after conferring w/ Justin. Thank you Jonathan! I aim to please, I just aim low. 🙂 Can you please show your results excel sheet again. How much are you up this month? Up 1.7% in Sept vs 0.3% for S&P 500 What about IBD LTL stocks – why does LDBD not match with that list? IBD Long-term Leaders is a different list, not the Leaders List of Leaderboard. I have been with Leaderbord a while now. I was with Swing Trader too but got out of that. But what I liked about Swing Trader was they do entry point and exit point right off the bat. But Leader board gives you a Buy Range but not sell point?
Is there a reason? Or I don’t know how you are doing it Great point Cy, we don’t highlight the stop-loss entry point. It’s a good idea, we’ll consider it! I feel your charts are too cluttered with annotations. Maybe you could use the same system your IBD articles follow: using 1, 2, 3, or a, b, c – and then use a legend in a clear area of the chart or below the chart. Also, it would help to
put all entries and exits on either the daily or weekly and be consistent. Really appreciate this, Cheryl, and indeed some charts are getting cluttered. We will look into a new format in which all annotations highlighting position sizes changes get placed in one place in a tidy format. Personally I’d like to do that! Evening guys! Appreciate the knowledge shared today- I’m oddly quiet! 🙂 Ha ha! Well glad you joined us Thanks for all good stuff you are doing! Thank you Francisco!

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