The best early Kindle deals for Amazon Prime Day 2021, plus what to expect to go on sale tomorrow

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Amazon Prime Day 2021 is almost here, and the annual shopping holiday is usually synonymous with deals on Amazon products. Amazon’s line of Kindle e-readers is no exception, and we’re already starting to see some early discounts.

Last year, we saw plenty of deals on various Kindle models and bundles, as well as Amazon’s Kindle Unlimited subscription service. Kindle devices were up to 30% off and we anticipate similar discounts during Prime Day 2021. 

Prime Day isn’t here yet, but Amazon is already offering deals on select Kindle bundles. We anticipate that better deals on Kindle devices will be coming closer to Prime Day, and we’ll update this story as they appear.

If you’re looking for discounts on more than just e-readers, check out our Amazon Prime Day 2021 hub page for all the latest deals during the sale. Learn more about how Insider Reviews researches deals and tests products

The best early Prime Day 2021 Kindle bundle deals 

If you’re planning to give a child a new Kindle or gift it to a friend, you may want to grab a bundle with a case and power adapter to complete the package.

The Paperwhite Essential Bundle adds a leather cover and a power adapter for charging, while the Kindle Kids Edition Essential Bundle comes with a one-year subscription to Amazon Kids+, as well as a cover, screen protector, and charger. Amazon is also offering discounts on the essential bundles for its standard Kindle and the Kindle Oasis, both of which come with a power adapter and cover. 

These bundles are on sale right now, but we expect better deals when Prime Day 2021 begins. Last year, the Kindle Paperwhite Essentials bundle was $70 off and the Kindle Kids Edition Essentials bundle was $50 off. 

Amazon’s waterproof Kindle Paperwhite sits in the middle of the Kindle lineup with a sharp 6-inch screen, backlight, and lots of great ebooks. The essentials bundle comes with a fabric cover and a power adapter.

Top early Prime Day Amazon Kindle Unlimited deals 

Amazon occasionally offers ebook credit when you buy a new Kindle or subscribe to Amazon Prime. During last year’s Prime Day, select Kindle purchases came with a $5 credit, and Prime members were able to choose two free Kindle books from a list.

Kindle Unlimited, a subscription service offering thousands of ebooks and magazines, also had a special offer during Prime Day. New members can try a 30-day free trial, or get two months of Kindle Unlimited for $5. That’s $15 (75%) off the regular price. While that’s a solid promotion, a better deal could be available on Prime Day.


Some Amazon Prime Day 2021 Kindle deals are not live right now

Kindle tops our list of the best e-readers, with prices normally starting at $90 for the basic ad-supported model. During the last Prime Day sale, Kindle devices were discounted by 30% or more, including $75 off the Kindle Oasis (normally $250), $50 off the Kindle Paperwhite (normally $130), and $30 off the basic Kindle (normally $90). 

While there are no current deals on Kindles, we expect big discounts when Prime Day 2021 starts on June 21.

The best early Kindle deals for Amazon Prime Day 2021, plus what to expect to go on sale tomorrow

The Kindle allows users to download hundreds, if not thousands, of books straight to the device. This model has a front light that makes it better-suited for night time reading.

The best early Kindle deals for Amazon Prime Day 2021, plus what to expect to go on sale tomorrow

Amazon revolutionized the e-reader with the Kindle Oasis’ daring design, great page-turn buttons, sharp screen, and giant ebook library.

The best early Kindle deals for Amazon Prime Day 2021, plus what to expect to go on sale tomorrow

The Kindle Kids Edition includes a 10th gen Kindle, a year of Amazon Kids+, and a kid-friendly cover of your choosing.

Frequently asked questions

When is Amazon Prime Day 2021?

Amazon Prime Day 2021 will begin on June 21 and run through June 22. We’ll be keeping track of the best deals as Prime Day approaches and throughout the shopping event.

Prime Day deals are exclusive to Amazon Prime subscribers, so you’ll need to sign up to get these Kindle discounts. Amazon Prime normally costs $13 a month or $120 per year, but new users can get their first 30 days of Prime with full benefits for free.


How to shop for a Kindle

When shopping for the best Kindle or e-reader, start by figuring out how frequently you think you’ll use it, and where. If you only plan to occasionally use your Kindle at home, you might not need to pay more for the Paperwhite’s extra features like backlighting and water resistance, which can come in handy if you’re reading on a camping trip or beach day.

You can save $20 by buying an ad-supported Kindle, but I don’t recommend it; the savings feel good at purchase but the long-term annoyance of uncontrollable ads on your home screen is a steep price to pay, and it’s even worse when giving a Kindle as a gift.

If you’re not a frequent reader, you may want to download the free Kindle app and try downloading a few ebooks to read on your phone, tablet, or computer. You may realize you’re just fine without a dedicated reading device, or maybe you want a bigger color screen for comic books and magazines, like the Fire HD 10 tablet.

Kindle Unlimited offers a ton of magazines and ebooks at a tempting price, but think about whether you’ll have time to dig into all of that material before you invest in the subscription. If you want, you can test out a free 30-day trial, or try a 2-month subscription for $5 as part of a Prime Day deal (normally $9.99 per month).

Also, keep in mind that Kindle is Amazon’s brand of e-reader, but it’s not the only one out there. For example, Kobo earned top marks in our buying guide with its large screen and water-resistant models.

Kindle Trade-In: how to trade your old Kindle for Amazon Credit

Amazon offers an upgrade program for Kindle owners to trade in their old devices for store credit and get a 20% discount on a new model.

The amount you’ll receive for your trade-in will depend on how old your Kindle is, and it will be applied to your account as an Amazon gift card. A separate credit for 20% off a new Kindle will also be added to your Kindle account, regardless of how old or broken your Kindle is, and you can apply that to Prime Day discounts.

Most Kindle models are worth between $5 and $25 in Amazon trade-in credit, while the latest Kindle Oasis can be traded for $75.

More Amazon Prime Day 2021 Kindle deals

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