The research firm Gartner put together a 37-slide deck on the problems with current remote and hybrid work models. Here are the 3 slides you need to see.

  • Gartner recently published a 37-slide deck on redesigning work for the future.
  • It highlighted workers’ sources of fatigue after the rapid adoption of remote work last year.
  • The report also identifies solutions for developing a people-centric working model.
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As companies plot their return to the office, HR leaders are tasked with figuring out the best model for their teams. 

Companies like Spotify and Zillow are investing in hybrid-work models that allow employees to work from practically anywhere. JPMorgan CEO Jamie Dimon, meanwhile, hopes to have everyone back in the office, fully masked, by October. 

Companies need to be mindful of how they approach the return to work. Forcing employees to return to the office could result in a loss of 39% of a company’s workforce, the research and advisory firm Gartner found in new report. But the firm also found that current models for remote work that still revolve around the office are not working for employees, either. 

Gartner’s study homed in on the loss of consistency, visibility, and serendipity that occurred when employees started working remotely or in a hybrid arrangement. It also found that many of the most common strategies that HR and leaders use to address these gaps are likely making the problem worse.

“Organizations have reacted to this crisis by recreating what they know, but rather than merely adapting principles from the on-site environment to the hybrid world, organizations need to unlearn old habits and fundamentally rethink work design,” said Jérôme Mackowiak, a director in the Gartner HR practice, said in a statement. 

Insider reviewed Gartner’s report and pulled three slides that every HR leader should review before making a decision about how employees return to the office. 

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