Flagrant Foul: Sportscaster Mike Rowan Caught On Hot Mic Calling Oklahoma Girls’ Basketball Team “F***ing Ni**ers” For Kneeling During Anthem

Like they always do about this time…

At this point, there is nothing that white people can fix their faces to say that will surprise us. The only thing that surprises us now is the myriad of pathetic excuses they will use once they are caught being more publicly racist than they care to be.

Yesterday, a viral video exposed an Oklahoma sportscaster named Matt Rowan when he was captured on a hot mic calling the Norman High School girls’ basketball team “f***ing ni**ers” as they knelt during that lil’ punk-a$$ song that white people pretend to love so much, The National Anthem. Frankie Parks, the team’s head coach, shared the clip on his Twitter page.

“They’re kneeling? F***ing ni**ers. I hope Norman get their a$$es kicked. F**k them. I hope they lose. They’re going to kneel like that? Hell no.”

Here’s where we get into the aforementioned pathetic excuses. To be honest, “pathetic” isn’t a strong enough adjective to describe the depths of flaccidity expressed in Rowan’s “apology”.


If you’re keeping score at home, this marks the third bulls#!t “apology” that a white person attempted to offer this week (see: Bethenny Frankel and Meyers Leonard).

It appears that this slur-spewing incident was not Matt Rowan’s first racist rodeo according to one Twitter user who appears to have intimate knowledge of his past…

Per usual, our people are brimming with jokes during a time of distress…

We hope Matt Rowan and his family suffer immensely for his aKKKtions.

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