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In addition to producing masks during quarantine, like so many others, Ellen has been spending more time in the kitchen.

“I think that people are stuck at home and they don’t have a ton of things to do,” the entrepreneur told us.” Besides, you know, wondering when they can go out into the world again, and so cooking is the place that they’ve all kind of turned to. I’ve absolutely seen a huge push, especially on social media, sharing it with others. It’s like breathing and eating. Like we all do it, we all have to do it every day, so why not make it an adventure. I really got into brisket. So, I’ve been smoking briskets like they’re going out of style and, you know, briskets are 16-pound chunks of meat like it’s not a small endeavor. Thanksgiving every day!”

Aside from honing in on her brisket skills, Ellen also finished writing her book! And while some would expect a cooking book from the professional chef, the Hedley and Bennett founder proves she has much more to share than recipes, but rather inspiring advice for entrepreneurs and dreamers everywhere.

“Sometimes you don’t have all the details ironed out, but you just have to show up anyway and figure it out and by swimming in the sea of life, you find more things and discover more things and have more experience than staring out the window and being like, ‘well, what if I do this?’ ‘How about I plan this for 10 years’, or ‘what if I need investors first?’ So yeah, all those things are just stopping people from beginning, and sometimes you just need to begin the journey to actually make forward progress without all the details ironed out.”

And her favorite kitchen essentials? A Boos block, large cast iron skillet, Unicorn pepper grinder, Maldon salt and Wonder Valley olive oil.

To buy Ellen’s empowering book and shop our favorites from Hedley & Bennett, scroll below! 

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