Hi Hello, Your Sex Horoscope for the Week Is Here

What’s happening: Tonight, Venus and Saturn square off. This is one of the biggest astrological red flags for rejection—yikes! Better news: On Saturday, the Moon entering dreamy Pisces helps you reconnect with others.

On Monday, Mercury and Jupiter connect, making it a great time to start The Talk. Pick your words very carefully, though, because on Wednesday, Mercury and Pluto square off, giving you a determined (maybe even ruthless) attitude to these conversations. Thankfully, Libra season also begins on Wednesday, helping us all find balance in our lives, and especially in our relationships. Finally, Venus and Uranus oppose each other on Thursday. This brings big surprises—not necessarily nice surprises, FYI—to your love life, including sudden new connections and potential changes to your relationship status. Good luck!!!

What that means for you:


You’ve been struggling to get things moving in your love life recently. Whether it’s your fear of rejection telling you, “What if they don’t like me back?” or your fear of the unknown telling you, “What if we don’t work out forever, or what if someone better comes along?” doesn’t matter—you have to let go of that doubt and start to fully engage. Do what (or who 😏) feels right. Have fun in the moment, and don’t bother yourself with endless “What ifs.” Libra season = cuffing season for your sign, so now’s your time to shine!


Change is scary, especially for fixed signs like you, but this week is all about shaking up your love life. Here’s the thing, though—you’re the one making these big changes. You hate to make a mess, cause a scene, or disrupt your routine. But your love life is stuck right now, bb! Maybe you’re single as hell—spend this week getting dolled up, splurging on cute new looks, and swiping through dating apps! Maybe you’re happily taken, but bored—do something spontaneous (in or out of bed) with your boo! All you need to do is spice things up a little bit to have a tremendous week.


Your love life is heating way, way, WAY up now that Libra season has arrived! Your chart’s zone of romance, sex, and fun is being turned on for the next month, and you’re getting plenty of action. Monday’s the best day for all y’all single Geminis out there—your fav planet, Mercury, is hooking up with lucky Jupiter, so new connections are sprinting into your DMs. You could catch serious feelings, super fast. Commitment and feels and whatnot aren’t usually your thing, but try to embrace these emotions. Your love life is ready to blossom, Gemini, and your dream match is waiting!


You’re no prude, but hooking up and casual flirtationships aren’t really your thing—you tend to seek out ~romance~—but this week is asking you to have a little fun! Love is supposed to be fun, and you don’t need to take relationships so seriously all the time. Go out on a limb and ask out your crush! Have a round of speed dates, and (if you want to) hook up with one or two of ‘em afterwards! What starts out as a casual flirtationship could end up becoming a thriving, beautiful relationship in the future—but if you never try, you’ll never know!


You can’t build a strong, sturdy house without properly laying the foundation, Leo. You have to put in effort, communicate clearly, and learn to cooperate in order to build a healthy relationship. You’re not going through a dry spell rn, per se, but you are finding less and less luck with casual hookups. A strong, secure relationship is in the works, but you’re not quite ready to 100% show up and give it your all. The stars are urging you to take things seriously, so you can give your love life a true glow up.


The Full Moon in Pisces has a potent, very emotional vibe, and it’s pushing all of your attention towards your relationship this week. Things are reaching a climax point, and it’s time to make a change. This could be an upgrade, like asking your crush out, DTRing, or turning your boo to your fiancé, or it could be a necessary downgrade, like a breakup if you’re stuck in a toxic relationship or an annoying flirtationship. This is a good week to start The Talk, but it’s important you communicate clearly, because the astro-drama on Wednesday is a big red flag for blowout arguments over the tiniest, most insignificant details. Be open. Listen. You’ll be just fine!


HBD!! Libra season begins on Wednesday, but before that happens, you’re getting a little action! Tonight’s sort of meh, but Monday’s astro is all about opening up, shining bright, and attracting tons of people. Jupiter governs luck and expansion, and this week it’s activating your chart’s zone of romance, sex, and fun—need I say more? Whether it’s a romantic date, meeting up with your crush, or some really kickass sex, expect your love life to heat up a ton!


Try to enjoy this weekend, Scorpio, because there’s some seriously volatile astro-weather later this week. Venus in your sign plus this weekend’s Pisces Moon makes you a total babe magnet, and whether you’re single or not, you’re getting a few opportunities to fool around and have fun. Thursday, however, is a much different story. Venus and Uranus are opposite each other, and it’s really pushing you to make a change in your relationship. Whatever (or whoever) isn’t working out, needs to get the chop. And whatever (or, again, whoever) is working needs to be your biggest focus. Be inventive! How can you include them more in your life? A change is coming—a necessary one, but a big change nonetheless—and it’s up to you to steer your relationship down the right path. Make good choices!


Here you are, vibing, enjoying yourself, and getting ready for the weekend. But unfortunately, Saturn’s strict ass is trying to rain on your parade, and it’s bringing an ex or two back into the picture. This can be über stressful, but try to view it as an opportunity to find closure. Work’s been kicking your ass lately, but Libra season is all about making new connections and getting flirty. Now that you’re done dealing with your ex, you can confidently proceed with your love life and find someone new who’s much nicer to be around.


You’re finding the opportunity to hook up or go on a date with someone new (maybe someone from your squad?), but before you dive in, think. Are you looking for something casual? Tell them! If they’re trying to push you into something you’re not comfortable with, tell them. If you’re looking to DTR and upgrade your relationship status, Tell. Them. Regardless of what kind of relationship you’re seeking, it’s always necessary to be open with your intentions. Free advice: Remember that just because someone makes you feel good, doesn’t mean they’re necessarily good for you.


If you want something, you have to actually do or say something in order to get it. So what’s holding you back? Saturn, the planet of restriction, and Jupiter, the planet of abundance, are in your sign right now. Saturn’s urging you to retreat and hide away, but Jupiter’s pushing you to express yourself. Try to focus on Jupiter’s influence, Aquarius. Take a risk. Tell them how you feel. Libra season’s coming up, and it’s all about broadening your horizons, sharing new experiences with your special someone, and growing with them.Get out there, have fun, and find some way to spice up your love life this week.


You’re approaching the end of a few “chapters” in your life, and your general life narrative is beginning to change. Single or not, Libra season is all about cultivating deep, intimate relationships (so catching feels is p much guaranteed)—but there are a few people you need to deal with first. Ex-flames (esp if they live far away) are making themselves known again, and you’re responsible for choosing whether to give them the boot for good, or find a way to integrate them back into your life. This is not a very action-packed week, but Libra season’s erotic, intense energy promises to heat your love life up soon!

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