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UPDATE: George Floyd‘s family is reflecting on the phone call they received from President Joe Biden.

While appearing on the April 21 episode of The View, George’s brother Philonise Floyd explained what the interaction meant to him. “He came to visit us numerous times since the act of what happened to George,” he shared with Meghan McCain and the co-hosts. “He was just telling us he knows how it feels to lose someone and he was praying for us. So, that’s basically what everything was about. He just made us feel a lot better because the president has so much to do and he spent just that time with us. That made us all feel good.”

Ben Crump, who serves as the Floyd’s family attorney added, “I think President Biden was a lot like your father, Meghan, John McCain. He understood people. He understood how to empathize with people in their most darkest moments. I thought that’s what America needed. We needed people to see the humanity in George Floyd like we see the humanity in others. I thought that was very special and important for America.”


President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris have reached out to George Floyd‘s family after a jury found Derek Chauvin guilty of murder.

According to NBC News, the president and vice president watched the verdict with staff in the White House’s private dining room on Tuesday, April 20.

Following the announcement of the verdict, the president spoke with Minnesota Governor Tim Walz. He also joined the vice president and First Lady Dr. Jill Biden in speaking with George’s brother Philonise Floyd from the Oval Office.

According to video posted on attorney Ben Crump‘s Twitter, President Biden praised the Floyd family for their strength during the highly publicized case.

“You’ve been incredible, [an] incredible family,” he shared. “I wish I was there to put my arms around you…We’ve been watching every second of this, the vice president, all of us we’re all so relieved. Not just one verdict, but all three, guilty on all three counts. And it’s really important.”

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