Squid Game’s Anupam Tripathi Explains How He Relates to His Character Ali Abdul

Anupam Tripathi is opening up about Squid Game.

The 32-year-old Indian actor who plays Ali Abdul in the show, and is one of the breakout stars of the Netflix hit series, opened up in an interview with Korean outlet Kyunghyang Shinmun.

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Here’s what he had to say…

On finding out that he landed the role: “Inside I was dancing all day and I felt like I was in the clouds. The day went by so fast as I spent all day telling my friends the news and dancing all day.”

On playing the role: “I contemplated and thought a lot about Ali’s character so that I can approach his character in the least cliché manner. I wanted to help viewers accept why Ali was in Korea, what issues he had with the factory president, and what his family would do.”

On how he relates to his character: “I connect with Ali a lot. In reality, I go to auditions, talk about payment, and I feel like every day is survival…I was captivated when I received the script and was analyzing it. People are put on the path of life and death in the traditional children’s game, and their true nature comes out.”

English translations via Allkpop.

There are a ton of clues hidden in Squid Game – did you notice all of them?

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