These Ageless Baddies Won The #DontLookYourAgeChallenge

Alright now!

Everyone’s buzzing over the #DontLookYourAgeChallenge that attracted seas of ageless baddies who flexed their youthful looks on social media where we’ve seen an enjoyable surge of viral challenges in 2021.

This latest challenge comes a month after the seductive #SilhouetteChallenge kicked off by our God niece Chloe Bailey who celebrated hitting 1 million Instagram followers with a screen-lickable video that melted social media.

“a special performance for all of you. THANK YOU for all your love and support. let’s celebrate together in reaching 1Million followers,” she captioned on the steamy video.

Aside from winning the internet TWICE in two weeks, the rising star revealed whether she’s even made a drastic change to her love life to stay focused on her booming career in our exclusive interview.

“So I will be completely honest because I’m a Cancer and I love, love and I really just get engulfed in it,” she said.

“I’ve had to tone it down and tell myself to focus on my priorities but because I get so attached to people I can’t let them go and cut them off like Jaz did.

I have definitely had several moments where I had to say to myself, what’s more, important to you? Your dreams and aspirations or this guy who’ll last maybe six months? You got to set your priorities straight, you feel me?!”

It’s been a big year for the “Do It” singer who continues to branch out on our own while her sister Halle prepares for her upcoming role as “Ariel” in Disney’s live-action remake of “The Little Mermaid.”

“Obviously we are in two separate places right now, and Halle, I miss you so freaking much, I’m really trying not to cry right now,” said Chloe + Halle in a video. “But we still got to bring y’all tea time every week… So, follow us now at our brand new, individual Instagram accounts.”

What’s your fave challenge of 2021 (so far)? Tell us down below and peep the ageless winners of the #DontLookYourAgeChallenge on the flip.

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