Council Post: Eight Things Successful People Never Do In The Mornings (And Why You Shouldn’t Either)

When examining the habits and routines of successful people, specific patterns start to emerge. While they may approach their morning schedules differently, successful business leaders all include essential steps that help them prepare for their day. The small details may vary from time to time, but the overall sense of preparation remains.

However, there are some actions that successful people just don’t include in their morning routines—for good reason. Here, eight leaders from Young Entrepreneur Council list a few of those actions and explain why successful people never do these things in the morning (and why people looking to achieve success shouldn’t either).

1. Check Their Inbox

Top business leaders don’t check their inbox for emails until they have accomplished what they had set out to do. By checking your inbox first, you’re giving everyone else the opportunity to assign you the day’s work. Instead, get up and stick to the plan and get the most important action items completed. That way, no matter what happens later that day, and no matter what explodes in your inbox, it cannot derail your productivity because you have already accomplished everything you set out to do. – John Murphy, eBike Generation

2. Forget To Set Priorities

One thing that truly productive people never do in the morning is plan to aimlessly wander through the day without a list of prioritized tasks. The most successful people create their daily plan of short-term tasks to achieve long-term goals and target only two or three tasks per day. They also put their energy and focus on the most difficult task first. When that first important one is achieved, the day flows and they get more quality work done in less time. Just taking a few minutes daily to create a prioritized plan can save business leaders a few hours of the day, opening time to think creatively and become even more successful. – Ron Lieback, ContentMender

3. Avoid Getting Started

They never say “no” to getting started. Regardless of what the day holds, they are ready to go for the day and don’t just hit the snooze button or waste their morning trying to avoid what’s ahead of them. Instead, they take the day head on and get ahead of their day by dealing with important things and being productive before the day begins for most people. You can’t be a successful person if you attempt to get out of your daily responsibilities or try to avoid getting to something that you know has to be done. Rather than hoping the issue goes away, successful people are ready to figure out a solution. It’s this mentality of facing obstacles and dealing with them that makes them successful. – Maria Thimothy, OneIMS

4. Put Out Fires

One thing successful people never do in the mornings is put out fires. Too many people wake up in reactive mode, responding to everything around them. But successful people wake up with purpose and go about their routines taking care of themselves first before trying to take care of others. Those who wake up reacting are the ones who get to the end of the day and wonder what it was that they even accomplished. Successful people do the work that moves them forward each and every day. – Diego Orjuela, Cables & Sensors

5. Hit Snooze

I believe sleep is a vital part of our health. Getting a good night’s sleep is very important to me, but hitting the snooze causes my body to enter another sleep cycle and not finish it. This is what causes drowsiness and fatigue and starts your day off on the wrong foot. If you need more sleep, go to bed earlier. Starting my day refreshed and ready to go sets me up for success and allows me to make well-informed decisions all day long. I have also noticed that by not hitting the snooze I feel less tired during the day. That mid-afternoon energy letdown doesn’t happen. So by not hitting the snooze, I start my day off on the right foot and I am able to keep it going all day long – Brian Greenberg, True Blue Life Insurance

6. Make Unnecessary Decisions

If you want to be a successful person, try to avoid needless decision-making tasks early in the morning. Instead, do it the night before. Making decisions early in the morning can stress you out by consuming your energy. So keep your mornings simple. Don’t sweat over deciding what to wear or what to eat for breakfast. – Josh Kohlbach, Wholesale Suite

7. Look Backward

Successful people wake up focused on the day and the goals ahead. I have interviewed hundreds of the most successful business leaders in the country and many have told me that they accept their mistakes and their failures. They learn from them instead of dwelling on them. When you wake up and your mind is in the past, you will be limited in what you can achieve in the future. When you wake up and look forward, you can fully channel your energy toward accomplishing significant goals. – Adam Mendler, The Veloz Group

8. Leave Their Mornings Unplanned

I’ve noticed that successful people who appear to do more than others don’t tend to leave their mornings unplanned. This doesn’t mean that they’re racing to work at the break of dawn. Rather, they have a clear idea of what they do every morning and they stick to that routine. Some leaders start with a motivational routine where they focus on their affirmations, some sit down with a cup of tea in silence and some of them go for a jog. The point is that they seldom wake up and stay undecided about what they’re going to do. They have a routine that gets them in the zone for work and then they stick by it. If you don’t plan your mornings (you can include quiet time), then you could fall into poor habits. And once they start, they’re hard to get rid of and can affect your lifestyle. – Syed Balkhi, WPBeginner

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