Council Post: Five Steps To Being Featured In The Press In 2021

By Daniel Robins, CEO of IBH Media, amplifying your brand in the press and media. Bintana Sa Paraiso, resort in the Philippines. 

Many people want to get into the press or media as it creates exposure for their business. However, they may not fully understand that doing so doesn’t always mean it will drive business or revenue. Media and press validate your brand or product and help people trust you. In order to attract the attention of those in the media to cover you or your story, you have to ask yourself why they should care and what makes you stand out.

Here are five steps you can take today to do this.

Craft A Short Three To Four Sentence Story That Is Timely And Newsworthy

Look at what is going on in the current or future news cycle and see how you can fit your story into the current narrative. For example, we had an event planned for International Women’s Day and collected well-known speakers, but tied that to our mission of inspiring 100k entrepreneurs in 2021. We then were able to pitch that in advance, tying the event and speakers to the media — which loved it. 

Find Your Audience — Start Local

After you craft your story, you must now figure out which audience would most benefit from it, and it’s easiest to start local. Many people want to take their narrative to national media brands, but the competition is much higher in these outlets. Start by connecting with journalists and producers locally, whether that is a publication or even on the news stations. They are always looking for local business successes to feature, and you could even land yourself on local tv. This is a good way to propel you to national or other local media who will pick up the story.

Build Relationships With Journalists By Connecting On Social Media

Look at those who write for your niche subject and connect on all social media channels — with our favorites being LinkedIn, Instagram and Twitter. I prefer to send them a message about a recent article they wrote and give my opinion. Don’t pitch yet. Get to know them with a few conversations before you go in and give a pitch. Some relationships were nurtured for a long time before we ever gave a pitch. 

Podcasts Are A Powerful Form Of Media

There are millions of podcasts, and they are always looking for guests to showcase. Our clients find them to be an amazing way to grow their audience and gain business. One way to discover a podcast related to your industry is through Chartable.com, where you can easily see who is on the top charts for your country. Message those podcast hosts with reasons why you will help their audience and why you should be on the show. Make sure to listen to a few episodes and make the message personal or they will most likely not read it.

Create A Personal Brand Website Today

Streamline the process when speaking with the media by having a website you can send them with info on yourself, other places you’ve been featured, your accomplishments and relevant images. Your website does not need to be complicated or one that you will spend hours building. You can create one in an hour through sites like Squarespace, Weebly and Wordpress. 

Our media strategy has always been the three Ps: Publications, podcasts and public speaking. This has greatly helped our client’s business reach. But once you get a story published, it is important to then market it and not just expect one featured article to change your business. You have to take the reins and tell your own story in as many places as possible.

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