Google will teach Mexican startups to close more sales

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Startups they are essential for the growth of the local economy. For that reason, it is essential that emerging companies have constant training and various tools that can teach them to close sales and partner with other businesses.


Given this, Google announced the launch in Mexico of the second edition of the Google for Startups program , Sales Academy , designed to provide Mexican startups with essential skills and sales practices that they can immediately implement to acquire new customers and create more alliances.

Startups who join the Sales Academy will be able to practice their sales pitch, learn to handle objections, build traction, and ask better questions with greater impact in client meetings.

This program consists of 5 virtual trainings through which startups can learn and practice different skills. Sessions will be held from October 21 to November 18.

  1. Customer Service: Think and communicate in a more customer-centric way.
  2. Get off to a strong start: Focus on the key fundamentals that allow you to start conversations and relationships with focus and credibility to make a sale more likely to complete.
  3. Compelling Solutions: Communicate your products and services in a way that aligns with your audience’s goals to close more sales.
  4. Objection Handling – Work with clients who share objections rather than against them. The true art of closing a deal.
  5. Closing and building traction: Learn techniques to close deals and gain commitment.

Are you interested in participating in the Google for Startups Sales Academy? You can register before September 30 on the official website . Only 15 startups will be selected and the participants will be announced on October 5.

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