Wayra Hispam launches ‘The School of Innovation’

The first edition of “The School of Innovation” will be focused on conversations around trends, use cases and challenges of technologies such as: Cybersecurity, Artificial Intelligence, IoT, Big Data and Immersive Technology (Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality).

The talks will be given by entrepreneurs who have become benchmarks within their industries and technologies by Wayra Hispam, such as: CamOnApp, an immersive technology firm; VU Security, of cybersecurity; Vozy, of artificial intelligence; Hexagon Data, focused on Big Data ; and Engidi, a firm specialized in the design of wearable technology.

“We created this space with the idea of giving our startups visibility in a more educational way. In our Wayra Hispam portfolio we have more than 100 active startups, which are made up of excellent professionals who are at the forefront of trends and technologies, and have all the knowledge and capabilities to contribute to the ecosystem ”mentioned Agustín Rotondo, Director of Wayra Hispam.

The sessions will be held through the Rebus Tech platform, a startup promoted by Wayra Hispam, which allows customizing and generating live events through a widget that can be integrated into any page, application or streaming platform, as one more feature of the same.

The sessions with the entrepreneurs will begin on September 21 and will last five weeks. In Mexico City, the talks will begin at 9:00 a.m. and those who wish to attend may do so after registering on the page https://escueladeinnovacionwayra.rebus.com.co/event .

Get to know the agenda of “The School of Innovation”

Image: Wayra Hispam

  • September 21 | Immersive Tech / Damián Alcalá- CO Founder & CEO CamOnApp

Immersive technologies are known as one of the links between the real world and the virtual world. In this talk we will be able to know some objects that bring us closer and allow us to experience augmented reality and make that union between worlds possible.

  • September 28 | Decentralized Identity / Hernán Carrascal – Enterprise Director Andina & New Markets at VU Security

Where is our identity? VU Security tells us about information management and how it works through Blockchain . Using this technology, a virtual identity can be created with digital standards.

  • October 05 | AI to improve the relationship with your customers / Laura Anchico – Sales Manager at Vozy

Sometimes we believe that Artificial Intelligence is rocket science, but together with Vozy we will understand that this tool can improve the relationship with customers. Through the challenges of the brands, it is sought that the customer experience is faster and more appropriate and this can be achieved from the evolution of the service and the implementation of AI.

  • October 12 | Big Data applied to reality / Lukas Canal – CEO of Hexagon Data

What is Big Data ? We have heard this term on several occasions, but many times we do not know the scope and importance it generates in our day to day life. Together with Hexagon Data we will know how big the market is, how companies are doing, some use cases and the trends that are popularized around this technology.

  • October 19 | IoT and its application today / Agusti Betriu – CCO of Engidi

Technology allows us to access and relate to new spaces in a different way. The IoT or the Internet of Things has created new dynamics between man and objects. Endigi tells us how the IoT and its application and challenges have evolved today.

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