27 Cozy Gifts for People Who Are Always Cold

Some people just run cold, even with the heat pumping and a blanket swaddled around them. Luckily, there’s a wide world of cozy gifts for people who are always cold. Maybe they need a microwavable pillow, an extra throw to keep at their desk, or a pair of fleece-lined joggers to make outdoor errands more bearable. Whatever their chill level may be, trust that you can find a present out there to melt their icy toes this holiday season.

Here, we took the liberty of tracking down the most hygge-friendly items that will keep your favorite perpetually cold person just a little bit warmer. In addition to the standard snuggly blankets and polar fleeces, there’s a wide range of less expected but just as comforting items worth shopping that will surprise and delight them (and most importantly, keep them feeling toasty). Read on for some of the best cozy gifts for people who are always cold that are sure to warm both a friend or loved one’s heart and body this season. Don’t forget to place your orders sooner rather than later, since many retailers have already set December 15 as their holiday shipping deadline—and we wouldn’t want anyone left out in the cold.

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