AMC spike and eventual GAMMA SQUEEZE for NYSE:AMC by MarketMakerMatt

My first chart on the program and by all means no expert at trading, so bear with me. I see some recent trends here with AMC that I can’t help but entertain some similarities to AMC’s first spike. We all know trading was restricted and ultimately killed a lot of the hype around AMC stock among others (RIP $NOK) to keep everyone from buying in. People were selling other stock to just get in, all to be let down with losses AyyTmo. Not this time, This next round of spikes and ultimate gamma squeeze can’t be stopped!

As you can see here, we just hit the latest resistance level , from the previous support level post restricted trading. I see that as if we wouldn’t have restricted trading, that trend would have continued on 1/27 where we would have seen the continuous rise ultimately to the moon. That be in the short spikes continuously testing the support and resistance levels as folks buy in and out ultimately rising of the price. Since that did not happen, I think it’s happening again. With all the shorts and squeezes happening to ultimately drive up the price as well, I see this as trading platforms not being able to stop history because the market dictates what it dictates.

My first chart I made, definitely more to learn but you can see where we can draw and informed guess on what might happen next and let’s cash in $AMC and send $DOGE to the moon as well! Happy Trading!

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