BTC dominance is dropping as predicted!!!! ALTSEASON 2021 for CRYPTOCAP:BTC.D by SimonParadise


💎Yello again🥂! On January 25, ParadiseTeam shared with you such a beautiful and simple free analysis on the Bitcoin Dominance, which has been respected by market makers since😎

💎You can not blame the market for having such corrections like today; if it corresponds with your analysis, you need to adapt to it. You need to be like water.

💎BTC.D hit support, so the dominance jumped. When BTC .D jumps, most of the alts suffer. And as you can see on the chart, there will be two more similar shakedowns in the future.

💎Does it mean to be worried? Absolutely not; each correction is a new opportunity.

💎Onchain analysis suggests there’s no significant threat so far coming from the collapse of Active Addresses crash or NUPL risk over 0.75 ratio for the unrealized mcap . Until those appear combined, the bull market is safe. Check the NUPL chart here (click).

💎You heard it first from MyCryptoParadise (we have been actively promoting that since March 15); the Rotation🔄 is here and will stay for some time. BTC will continue trading in a range without breaking up or down, while alts are trending up (MONEY ROTATION🔄), and the BTC dominance will continue to drop.

💎The best thing to do right now is to keep ignoring BTC and just trading alts instead.

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