BTC/USD – Major breakout inbound. BTC towards $100,000! πŸš€ for BINANCE:BTCUSDT by DU09

Last time BTC broke a significant resistance, we pumped all the way to $62k. All in all that move was 114% in price gain.

Now we’re about to do another similar move with a major breakout inbound, whereby BTC will crush the resistance at $62k and this will clear the path towards $100k.

A simple 1:1 extension from our current low will take us to at least $92k. However if we are to look at the Fibonacci levels, we see that we can expect some resistance around $82k and then $116k…

However, one has to watch $100k as it will be a significant psychological level, but price action may not care much for such human weaknesses, it can continue to pump and follow technical.

The current price action is very bullish . We have a large ascending triangle highlighted in blue that formed after a two months consolidation in preparation for this pump.

MACD on daily looks ready for an explosion as does RSI and volume . All stars are aligned for the mega pump. Will it come? I think so. Short of governments banning BTC or the Internet being cut off, I can’t see how BTC will not pump.

Enjoy the ride. The chart is clear. Get your popcorn and enjoy it.

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