DOGECOIN – DOGEUSD Forecast for BITTREX:DOGEUSD by KevinChristopherBest

Welcome Traders and Investors !

*What a week for the crypto world. You need to have a strong stomach and be relentless whenever investing in Crypto. For some of you, you might have lived a week with full of emotions and uncertainty.

However this is something you must become familiar with, crypto has seen a bullish cycle this year, but it doesn’t take away his volatility , and we have seen it lastly.

From a Technical View

1. The MAs 100 provides guidance that prices might find support and consolidation very soon.

2. On the second screen (below) I have marked the price note, where I assume prices might find strong support, I DON’T EXPECT IT TO BE A FALSE BREAKOUT, which for me prices showed bullish price actions around 0.25/coin

3. I expect prices to reach the R1 end of this week before a correction to the MAs 200 which we create price support if Markets Continue on a bullish way.

4. (Cleaner view of the second screen) –

From a fundamental point of view

We all have probably seen/heard of the massive merchant acquisitions DOGE coin is benefiting from, and all the big names which support DOGEcoins value. Which obviously started as a meme, however in a certain way an intrinsic value has/could be found in the meme coin, which will then hopefully surpass all expectations are really be helpful for our humanity and civilisation. Which is for me the ultimate goal for the crypto world.

As ALWAYS, thank you very much, for your time reading and analysing my work. I would really appreciate all given likes and additional comments. If you have any question or proposition feel free to contact me !

Follow for more trading/investing news and hope to see you soon. Take care !

Kevin C. Best

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