HBAR looks bullish for BINANCE:HBARUSDT by Shotokhan

I think HBAR chart formed a double bottom where I’ve put the yellow line, from there it started pumping ad the momentum is still bullish as the bullish DIV show on RSI and especially on MFI where DIV is super steep.

BB have a great contraction on 4h, 1h and also 15min. At the same timeframes TMA show as price broke out the upper bands, an evend which usually leads to a price drop inside the TMA unless the bullish strenght is so powerful to create a pump.

At 4h VLPR show that in the last 3d control line is at 0.2668 but a lot of transactions (especially buys) happened at 0.3359$ which is good because means people is buying and pushing the price higher. However in the last 2h volume lowered and this might not be enough to sustain the pump but I think it’ll create a R/S zone so eventually we’ll get there again. Price is getting out of the ichimoku cloud (at daily) but I think it won’t because I expect a little retracement before HBAR starts pumping again.

My advice: set buy (30% of the money) at 0.3367 because looks like a small R/S, then see where the price goes. If it goes down try to buy more stuff between 0.31 and 0.30. If it goes up buy more unless chart looks at the top.

The big white line on the bottom is your stop loss!

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