KAVA Buy Opportunity Update Sniper Entry 🎯 for KRAKEN:KAVAUSD by CryptocurrencyMagnet

KAVA Buy Opportunity from 18/03/21 Update Sniper Entry In 🎯 Well done if your in already + 12% so far, Will update chart soon with some potential areas to DCA

Analysis from 18/03/21

Excellent buy opportunity for a 30% Gain back to ATH price @ $7.42, our current price target is at the 127.20% Fibonacci level @ $8.67 (53% Gain). The price of KAVA broke down past the 13 EMA to test the 50 SMA , this downward pressure seems to have exhausted now and we expect the Bulls to come back in the market to test the 13 EMA and push past this level signalling a strong continuation pattern back towards the ATH . We saw a similar move on the 15th March where the price broke down the 13 EMA to test the 50 SMA and then bounced back to upside testing and breaking through the 13 EMA gaining 40% from $4.99 to $7.02.

Use the Buy Zone to map out a sniper entry at the 61.80% Fibonacci level. KAVA is a great project with a lot of potential in the mid-long-term as we see waves of new institutional money flooding into the market. We bought in at the 61.80% Fibs @ $5.6 and if we test lower levels we will be looking to accumulate more coins. The bearish scenario is still possible but we do not expect to see the price go lower than the range between the 50%-38.20% Fibonacci level ($5.11 – $4.57), the stochastics are showing an extremely oversold market on the 4H, be patient wait for confirmation before entering.

Key Notes on Kava:

Kava, built on the Cosmos SDK, is quickly gaining momentum as the most trusted DeFi platform for institutional clients around the world. Kava plans to take another major step forward towards that end through an integration with Cosmos’s recently launched Inter-Blockchain Communication Protocol ( IBC ). Kava will then use IBC to make Chainlink’s widely used and secure decentralized data feeds available to blockchains across the wider Cosmos ecosystem.

The use of Chainlink data as part of the broader Kava DeFi ecosystem is not new. Kava first integrated Chainlink back in May of 2020. Onboarding Chainlink Price Reference Data oracles onto the Kava blockchain has provided a valuable service to all users of its DeFi ecosystem. As more financial institutions make their way to Kava, direct on-chain access to real-time and tamper-resistant data will prove increasingly beneficial to everyone.

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