KSM Possible Bullish and Explain M Pattern for BINANCE:KSMUSDT by CryptoGoUp

Okey Let”s Go!

What is done first?

We identify supports and resistances.

Okey, What next?

Then let’s go a bit to MD Sequence we can see that it has 8 bearish lines, if we review the past it did not have these 8 bearish lines since October 24, 2020 in daily chart .

And view History

In the past since doing this, KSM has shot into a bullish rally making 2040% from that point

Now let’s go a bit to indicators


On the RSI it remains the same. Nothing has varied. It is still consistent with the drop in 1d chart.


MACD is trying to go higher, but I already told you that it is easy to turn this down with a small increase in bearish strength.

EMA20 and SMA50

Possible EMA20 and SMA50 Crossover Rejection by Bulls

And let’s identify a possible entry zone, in the hypothetical case that the bulls manage to win

And identify 1h and 4h Chart KSM

In graph 4h, a possible fall sounds. To the entrance area where we could take the risk.

In the 1h chart the crossing of EMA20 and SMA50 to the upside happened, but it is losing strength, we await some confirmation of a possible rebound further to the upside. To be able to have security

In PAR BTC KSM is going higher, after completing a sequence of 8 days Bears. And going up, although this breakout is not really strong at all. Since it accompanies the RSI , although the MACD is trying to go higher. But the bears have various resistances.

For Kusama to be called in an uptrend again it needs to be above the EMA20 and SMA50, Above 408 to 410 dollars on the daily chart . In the case of not doing so, it is possible that the resistance at that point will gain strength and return it to bearish . Although it is in great demand due to the increase in the entire market this week. Personally, my ideal entry zone would be $ 360 and a Stop at $ 280. It is a big loss, but if you decide you can place a stop on entry.

In the event of this happening, you can take a small assurance that if we break the resistances we could go to touch 650 to 700 dollars. Being a profit of 100% Profit. Although of course, this depends on whether BTC closes on a daily or weekly candle preferably above 52.8k USDT.

Because here you don’t go without learning something or other xd .

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