Relationship Between the BTC Price and Options Expiration Dates for BITSTAMP:BTCUSD by djr0726

Illustrated in this chart is the relationship between the BTC USD price and the options expiration dates. Please note that the options expiration dates occur every third Friday of each month and are illustrated here by the blue vertical lines. The options expiration dates shown here are Dec 25, 2020, Jan 29, 2021, Feb 26, 2021, Mar 26, 2021, April 23, 2021, and May 28, 2021. After the options expiration dates on Dec 25, 2020, Jan 29, 2021, Feb 26, 2021, and Mar 26, 2021, the BTC price increased by 86.39%, 102.95%, 43.03%, and 29.59%, respectively, over 14, 25, 14, and 20 days, respectively. Importantly, the BTC USD price exhibited significant decreases in price of 31.66%, 26.29%, 18.97%, and 27.20% prior the options expiration dates of Jan 29, 2021, Feb 26, 2021, Mar 26, 2021, and April 23, 2021, respectively, which occurred over 21, 6, 12, and 10 days, respectively. As illustrated in the chart, the BTC USD price has increased significantly (65.49%, on average) after each of these options expiration dates and decreased significantly (26.03%, on average) leading up to each of these options expiration dates. Thus, there is potential for this trend to continue in late April to the end of May. Please note that this is not financial advice. I am not your financial advisor. This is my opinion.

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