Will we be bullish or will we see a bearish trend? Wherever it goes, we all will be ready flor any directional moves.
Do not put any trades between any entries, it is not part of the trading plan. Either enter on resistance or support entry or wait for it to breakout not in the middle of the entries or else you’ll be trading not based on the strategy which could result in a loss.

I recommend as for starters to start off with a demo so that you get familiar with my strategy. I hope you are enjoying my content as I update them mid-week and in the beginning of every week.

What my goal is for you to create your own charts and your own signals without relying on signal groups, callouts, or even myself. You will develop better technical analysis skills, know how to properly place high quality support and resistance , proper advanced risk to reward ratio, etc. At the end you’ll create your own signals based on your own analysis which will guarantee make you a more and better discipline profitable trader.

Buy at green support entry, if it breaks by -30 pips (count it out) then enter a sell and ride to TP1, 2 and 3. Trail stop at each TP which means place your stop loss in profit but with enough room to be able to continue the sell if it continues.

Same thing at resistance, sell but if broken by 30 pips then enter the buy and ride to TP1. Each TP is a support or resistance zone , so you could then even take a sell after TP1 for the buys have been hit and if it breaks out then just repeat.

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