This Vintage Dodge Pickup Truck Is Actually a Ram TRX in Disguise | MotorBiscuit

There are few things in the universe cooler than a vintage Dodge pickup truck. Of all the vintage pickups, the 1968 Dodge power Wagon is among the absolute coolest. The only way to improve upon such inarguable perfection would be to do something crazy like put a 700-hp Hellcat Hemi. This thing is basically if Dodge made a Ram TRX in 1968.  

1968 Dodge Power Wagon Hemi | Roadster Shop

This vintage Dodge pickup truck is basically a rusty Ram TRX

The Drive reports that this 1968 Dodge Power Wagon is no ordinary pickup truck. This one was built by the folks at Roadster Shop. As you might have imagined, this isn’t your typical vintage Dodge pickup truck.

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