Tips For Hotel Owners: How To Improve Comfort

Tips For Hotel Owners: How To Improve Comfort
Tips For Hotel Owners: How To Improve Comfort

A hotel can be very profitable. The cost of starting a business will be offset by the income generated from your guests. However, you should not lose out on how to improve comfort in your hotel rooms because if you do, people will no longer book it and they might even complain. So what are some of these basic things? Let’s find out below!

Use A Quality Mattress And Good Pillows

A hotel is supposed to be a place where people can sleep in comfort and this cannot happen if you use cheap, low-quality beds. If you want your guests to have a great night’s rest, use high-quality mattresses like a memory foam mattress that will not hurt their backs or cramp their legs when they wake up. When it comes to pillows, go for plush pillows. 

Opt for down pillows as these are considered the best alternative to foam rubber because they will re-fluff themselves every time after being squashed. They are also hypoallergenic which means that they do not irritate the skin or aggravate asthma problems making them perfect even for those with sensitive skin and respiratory issues.

Ensure Quality Cleaning

Your customers deserve nothing but the best service from you. What does quality cleaning mean? This includes sanitizing all surfaces and eliminating all possible allergens found in one’s room such as pet hair and dust mites. This way, you will give your guests a more comfortable atmosphere. You can use bleach or any disinfectant for this process. More cleaning tips include:

  • Check the bedsheets to make sure that they are fresh.
  • Sweep or vacuum under furniture to remove dust and pet hair.
  • Inspect carpets for spills and stains.
  • Clean bathroom tiles, thoroughly with an all-purpose germicidal cleaner.

Wipe down mirrors, doorknobs, TVs screens, telephones, and other surfaces with disinfectant wipes before your guests arrive so that they can see themselves clearer in their favourite TV show or catch up on social media while still enjoying their stay at your hotel room without worrying about catching germs or making themselves sick because of dirty surfaces! 

You might also want to consider hiring professional cleaning services if you cannot maintain your hotel rooms on your own.

Avoid Cheap And Low-Quality Towels

People who go on vacation usually have big plans such as going to the beach and swimming in the pool of their hotel. Sometimes they even bring their own towels because of hygiene issues so it is important to provide them with quality towels that are durable and won’t easily tear or stain during multiple washes. Go for Egyptian cotton, terry cloth, microfiber, and bamboo. These materials absorb water without leaving a trail of lint behind which makes them perfect for kitchen towels too.

Offer Massages

Most hotels today already offer in-room massages to their guests. If you do not, then try it out. People love to be pampered and giving them a massage when they come back from a busy day of sightseeing or shopping is the perfect way for them to relax and renew. Moreover, if you’re able to give your guests quality spa services such as facials and pedicures, even better!

Upgrade Your TV And Internet Services

Most hotel owners agree that this is one of the most important parts of making money because people want to stay in an area with a high-speed internet connection so they can easily check in on social media accounts and catch up on the news while still being provided with cable channels which include premium movie channels like HBO, Cinemax, and Showtime.

Upgrade Your Amenities

Amenities such as a pool, jacuzzi, free WiFi connection, free local calls, and a fitness centre are some of the things that people want to try out when they go on vacation. If you can offer these amenities then it will be easier for your guests to enjoy their stay at your hotel.

Upgrade Your Hotel’s Appearance

Improve the appearance of your hotel by making sure it is well-maintained. Make sure that your front desk personnel are professional looking too so they can show potential customers why staying in your hotel is more convenient than returning home or checking into another hotel down the road! This means having freshly laundered uniforms with starched shirts and pressed pants while maintaining good personal hygiene. Use signs made of brass, not plastic or paper, so guests can easily read them. Lastly, use bright lights around the hotel to make sure that it is well-lit even during the nighttime – this will attract more people because they will feel safer when coming back to their rooms late at night.

Give A Complimentary Mini-Bar

To save on costs, some hotel owners opt for giving their guests free drinks from the minibar which they already know cost more than what most people would pay for at a local convenience or grocery store. Instead of bringing them down with this idea, go an extra mile by offering them complimentary but healthy snacks that you can easily include in your hotel room amenities package such as fruit baskets filled with apples and bananas which will not only give your guests the energy to explore the city but also keep them full so they won’t feel hungry while checking out tomorrow’s itinerary! 

Offer Comfort Food

It is true that most hotels these days have a wide range of room service menus from all over the world but some guests still want something they can easily prepare on their own without having to call up your staff and wait for it to be delivered. Offering simple comfort food such as fresh oatmeal, soup, or sandwiches will provide them with home-cooked food that they can enjoy throughout the day. The most popular comfort foods include chicken noodle soup, grilled cheese, and turkey sandwiches.

Take Care of Airplanes And Automobiles

When you’re a hotel owner, the outside appearance of your hotel matters as much as its interior design. You can even choose to keep a few cars or pilot a plane for guests who need them within 24 hours before their departure date. If this is not possible then make sure that your parking lot is at least big enough to accommodate all your guests’ vehicles and if it isn’t, hire new staff members who can help you maintain it by checking the vehicles’ tires and oil levels to make sure they are working properly before your guests check out.

Tips For Hotel Owners: How To Improve Comfort
Tips For Hotel Owners: How To Improve Comfort

A lot of hotel owners who are looking for ways on how to improve their hotels’ comfort levels should keep in mind that providing amenities, upgrading their TV and internet services, making the place more attractive by keeping it well-maintained, offering complimentary but healthy snacks from the minibar, offering simple comfort food such as grilled cheese sandwiches and turkey sandwiches for guests who want home-cooked meals, and taking care of cars and aeroplanes go a long way towards improving a guest’s overall experience. Always remember that your customers are the most important part of running a successful business!

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