Video: White House Offers to Call Nicki Minaj to Discuss Covid Vaccine

new video loaded: White House Offers to Call Nicki Minaj to Discuss Covid Vaccine



White House Offers to Call Nicki Minaj to Discuss Covid Vaccine

The White House offered Nicki Minaj a call with a doctor to answer questions about the safety of the Covid-19 vaccine, Jen Psaki, the press secretary said, after the rapper questioned its efficacy on Twitter this week.

“We engage all the time with people who have big public platforms or profiles, some of them we talk about, some of them are here. Some of them you don’t even know about because they’re just looking for questions to be answered. We offered a call with Nicki Minaj and one of our doctors to answer questions she had about the safety and effectiveness of the vaccine. This is pretty standard, and something we do all the time. It was a very early-stage call at a staff level, staff to staff, and we weren’t even at the point of discussing or we’re not even at the point of discussing, I should say at this point, the mechanisms or the format or anything along those lines. It was simply an offer to have a conversation.” Reporter: “What kind of responsibility. do you think someone like Nicki Minaj has, someone with a really big platform when it comes to talking about the vaccine?” “Well, our hope is that anyone who has a big platform is going to project accurate information about the effectiveness of the vaccine, the safety of the vaccine and the availability of the vaccine — at the same time — and both can be true. We also recognize that people have questions out there. They have questions they want to have answered by their doctors. We have doctors who can answer questions. I would say that if we believed that everybody who had skepticism about the vaccine wasn’t someone we should engage with or talk to, we wouldn’t have made the progress we’ve made. I mean, remember, back in December, only 33 percent of the American people were open to getting vaccinated. Now, more than 75 percent have had at least one shot. So part of our strategy and our objective from the beginning has been engaging with people who have questions to help answer their questions.”

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